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Warhammer 40k – Tyranids Crusher Stampede vs Necrons 2000 Points

Firstly, a bit of a disclaimer - apologies for the Lighting towards the end - Recently moving house and the set-up didn't quite give the light we usually have. Should be fixed for next time but Turns 4-5 are a bit darker than normal!

Army Lists

Liam's Crusher Stampede

Battalion - Leviathan

Army of Renown - Crusher Stampede

HQ1: Hive Tyrant, Wings, 2 Pairs of Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Paroxysm, Onslaught, WARLORD - Raging Influence, Alpha-Leader Beast, Strategic Adaptation, Biomorphic Carapace

HQ2: Swarmlord, Aggressive Surge, Synaptic Barrier

HQ3: Tyranid Prime, Boneswords, Deathspitter, Unchecked Ferocity, Adaptive Neural Lobe

TR1: 3 Tyranid Warriors, Lashwhips and Boneswords, Deathspitters, Bioweapon Bond

TR2: 3 Tyranid Warriors, Lashwhips and Boneswords, Deathspitters

TR3: 3 Tyranid Warriors, Lashwhips and Boneswords, Deathspitters

EL1: Maleceptor, Catalyst, Focal Essence

EL2: Lictor

EL3: 6 Hive Guard, Impaler Cannons

EL4: Haruspex

: Dimachaeron

: Scythed Hierodule

James' Necrons

Battalion - Novokh


Catacombe Command Barge - Gauss Cannon, Rarefied Nobility (Enduring Will), Voidreaper, Ressurection Orb

Chronomancer - Veil of Darkness

Illuminor Szeras


5x Immortals - Gauss Blaster

5x Immortals - Tesla Carbines

20x Necron Warriors - Gauss Reaper


2x Cryptothralls

Hexmark Destroyer - Gauntlet of the Conflagrator

6x Skorpekh Destroyers

20x Flayed Ones


3x Canoptek Scarabs

3x Canoptek Scarabs

Supreme Command Detachment - Szarekhan


The Silent King - Warlord

Pregame Thoughts


We’ve got a Tournament Practice game today - So I’m bringing my Silent King Novokh list which has come off the back of my recent 3:0 at the TOMD + LTTGC RT tournament so I’m quietly confident. I’ve got a lot of practice with Necrons and they’re by far my most used army in 9th outside of tournament play. I’ve tweaked the list slightly and swapped the Ophydians out for some Scarabs and a Resurrection Orb!

My big problem is as confident as I am with my list, I know what Liam's does… I’m going to have a Dimacheron in my lines Turn 1, the Hive Guard are going to try their best to kill the Silent King in one turn (and will most likely succeed should I give Liam the chance) and this was without Crusher Stampede!

My two aces here are my Veil and my Flayed Ones, bringing the Flayed Ones in a bit late when I’ve downed a few of the Big Beasts should help me pick up the rest and my Veil of Darkness should help me get a flank on Liam’s Hive Guard.

With the maneuverability and deployment map Engage On All Fronts was an easy first pick after Code of Combat, I round off the secondaries with Data Intercept - it’s a riskier one with Hive Guard as they can pick out my Data Intercepting unit from behind cover if they can but I was struggling to find an better 3rd option.


Not only are we still hot on the release of Codex Supplement: Leviathan, but Games Workshop has also given us a brand new Army of Renown in the form of Crusher Stampede. This army heavily incentivises taking an army full of Monsters, and oh boy, does this army have some teeth. Monsters with a 5++ and -1 damage is everything they needed to be competitive, and with some monsters like the Dimachaeron already being solid picks in a list, this has really propelled Tyranids up into the top tiers of competitive play. And I for one, couldn’t be more excited! Having played Tyranids since 4th edition, it’s nice to finally have them back near the top of the competitive scale after 4 editions of mediocrity. 

Today I’ve brought a list made up of what monsters I currently have. I apologise for the list not being fully painted, but since playing this game I have managed to fully paint the rest of the force, and I look forward to taking this army to some tournaments in the near future.

Secondaries were a first issue for this list, but luckily this mission has a fairly easy Secondary to score on with this kind of list. I go for Engage on all Fronts, Data Intercept and No Prisoners. Normally No Prisoners is a mediocre pick at best, but with the reanimation that Necrons have, I always find myself scoring 10+ on it when I face them.

The Mission and the Board

Grand Tournament 2021

13. Vital Intelligence 



Liam's Tyranids

  • Engage on All Fronts
  • No Prisoners
  • Data Intercept

James' Necrons

  • Code of Combat
  • Engage On All Fronts
  • Data Intercept



I’ve measured my Silent king back 43” from Liams deployment so even with his redeployment he won't be able to get in range with his Hive Guard should he go first. I’ve pushed my Scarabs out front to try and body block, with my Warriors and Skorpekhs on the other flank. When his Dimachaeron comes at me he’ll have to multi-charge a lot and my Warriors are within range of my Silent Kings Phaeron of the Blades ability to let them re-roll all wounds in combat. I can also pop some strats too, so I should be able to dent him quite a lot.

It's so difficult to deploy against this army as with the redeployment ability Liam’s got you may have set up very well to avoid some of those key units (like the Hive Guard) and then suddenly they’re within range of your key units.


My Dimachaeron and Scythed Hierodule are next to impossible to hide, so I put the Hierodule up front to tank James’ shooting thanks to his toughness 8 and 3+/5++. The Maleceptor is positioned so that if I need it, his -1 strength bubble from Encephalic Diffusion will affect the vast majority of my army. The Hive Guard are safely tucked away in the corner of the building, and mostly everything else is hidden out of sight or out of range from James’ guns. 

Also, I can afford to place the Dimachaeron up front as I have Strategic Adaptation as one of my warlord traits, so if James does get first turn, I can just redeploy him further back to keep him safe.



So knowing I have first turn, my Hive Guard are out of range of pretty much James’ entire army, so I decide to redeploy the Haruspex near the middle of the front of my deployment zone, and the Hive Guard I place where he once was, staying hidden but allowing them to be in range of James’ Warriors, Scarabs and Skorpekh.


As expected Liam's Hive Guard have moved much closer - fortunately my Silent King is out of range but my Skorepkh aren't...


turn one


Time to lay on the hurt. I put Bioweapon Bond onto the Hive Guard, Focal Essence on the Scythed Hierodule (mainly for the AP-3 on 6s to help his overwatch) and Unchecked Ferocity on the Dimachaeron. And in the movement phase, I swiftly move everything up onto the objectives. The Dimachaeron prepares himself for a double move from Hive Commander, The Haruspex and Warriors each claim an objective on the top left corner of the board, and the Scythed Hierodule advances up onto the objective near the middle. The Maleceptor moves up to keep things within 6” range just in case I need his defence, and the Warriors at the bottom move up to screen out James’ turn 1 deepstrike. I also begin Data Intercept with the Warriors hiding in the building in my deployment zone.


Psychic phase, and time to try out some brand new Psychic powers! The Swarmlord casts both Synaptic Barrier and Aggressive Surge onto the Dimachaeron, and I’m lucky enough to roll a 3 on the extra attacks, bringing his total attacks to a whopping 10 including the tail! Catalyst is also cast onto the Dimachaeron. This big boy is now rocking toughness 7, 18 wounds, a 3+/4++, a 5+++ and -1 damage… it’s just outrageous how efficient this new army of renown makes our monsters. The Flyrant also casts Onslaught onto the Dimachaeron to help bump his movement up when he moves again in the shooting phase.

Speaking of which, it’s time to shoot some Hive Guard. I fire all of their shots into the Scarabs, because I know they’re the biggest threat to tying up my Hive Guard next turn, and manage to wipe the squad. I advance the Dimechaeron up with Hive Commander towards the Warriors, and I spend 2cp on Single Minded Annihilation to kill 2 Skorpekh - James had used Whirling Onslaught to force -1 to wound on me which really hurt.

Straight into the charge phase, and I charge the Dimachaeron into the Warriors and spend 1cp on a brand new stratagem called Breaking Through. I’m sure you’ve all heard of this stratagem, and it really is just dumb. 1cp to deal 6 mortal wounds to some Warriors is just outrageously efficient. He then immediately fights and wipes out over half of the squad in total, leaving James to only have a few Warriors left. I’ve made a big impact on the first turn, and score some points on Engage and No Prisoners, although we agreed to tally up those points at the end of the game for ease. Over to James!


Again as expected that big beasty charged into my lines and hit the warriors. A nice Whirling Onslaught saves me only losing 2 Destroyers and Illuminor graciously resurrects one with Rites of Reanimation in this turn (thanks <Core>). He also brings another 2 Warriors back. He also, ungraciously adds +1 BS to them with Mechanical Augmentation. Second time this has happened in over 8 games so it was due! The Chronomancer puts his Chronometron onto the Skorpekh and the Silent King and Command Barge put My Will Be Done onto the Warriors, Skorepkh and Immortals.


To get me out of this sticky spot I teleport the Warriors and the Chronomancer to the bottom right corner and fire on the Warriors. Not the best target but it pulls them out of combat and onto the objective. I quite easily kill the Tyranid Warriors, unfortunately I try to get a kill point for Code of Combat with the Command Barge but the Chronomancer has to finish them off thanks to the 5++ from Crusher Stampede.


The majority of the army then comes down and fires everything else into the Dimachearon who… unbelievably survives going from 15 wounds down to 7. A couple of nice saves and Liam’s Crusher Stampede rules dropping all of the Silent Kings non-pylon damage to 1 saves him here.

Necron Move 1

With only one thing left to be able to deal with him I charge into him with everything. I really debate charging the King in here. At the moment I'm still out of range of the Hive Guard but I really need his “fight last” to stop Liam interrupting and killing a bunch of Skorepkh or my Command Barge.

I do end up charging him in and luckily I needed his damage as he scored the killing blow. Which gets me 3 for Code of Combat! Sadly, Liam activates one of his new stratagems and fights with the Dimachaeron as he dies killing both the Silent Kings Pylons. This is so painful to go through as I now know I lose him to the Hive Guard next turn.

Necron Charge and Fight 1

End of Round 1 Scoring

Tyranids: 5

Necrons: 5

Turn 2


Losing the Dimachaeron was expected, but the fact it literally took ALL of James’ shooting and combat to deal the *final* wound to it was… unexpected. And the ability to fight on death with Death Surge for 2cp is really just so powerful. I also spent 1cp on Animated by the Hive Mind to automatically blow up on death, dishing out a bunch of mortal wounds when he finally met his demise. 

Command phase, and I put Bioweapon Bond onto the Hive Guard, Focal Essence onto the Scythed Hierodule and Unchecked Ferocity onto the Haruspex. I score 4 points on Data Intercept and begin my movement phase. The Flyrant moves up to prepare himself for a charge against some Immortals, and the Hierodule prepares himself to flame and charge those Warriors. The Maleceptor moves up behind him to keep a hold of the objective, and the Haruspex moves to the other side of the wall to defend the objective. Data Intercept begins on the same unit of Warriors to score some more points.


Shooting phase, and I fire all of the Hive Guard into the Silent King, who is now in range. And thanks to the Dimachaeron destroying his two pylons when he fought on death, they manage to bring him down with assistance from Single Minded Annihilation. But just before that, the Hierodule fires his Bio-Acid Spray into the Warriors and manages to kill a few before preparing himself to charge.

Straight into the charge phase, and I charge the Flyrant into the Immortals up top, and the Hierodule into the Warriors. I make a mistake here in not keeping the Hierodule below the Warriors to help zone out deepstrikes, which could prove costly in the later turns. The Hierodule thins out the Warriors some more but fails to wipe them out, and the Flyrant manages to kill 3 of the 5 Immortals thanks to some unlucky rolls. I score another 2 on Engage and pass the turn back to James.


This game is starting to go exactly as my predictions are stating. I do lose the Silent King to the barrage of the Hive Guard. Luckily he doesn't explode! Unfortunately Liam’s gigantic monster has pushed me off the Objective as he is now Objective Secured and counts as more models than I have Warriors which means, I only score 5 for Primary.

The Chronometron goes on the Skorpekh as does My Will Be Done. The Hexmark drops down within 9” range of the Hive Guard. Hopefully he can kill a couple in the shooting and/or fight phases. I’ve got the Protocol of the Hungry Void this turn so my army has +1 Strength and +1 AP on 6’s to wound whilst benefiting from the Protocols. I’ve moved my army towards the middle to bottom objectives, my Cryptothralls still carrying out the Overlords work doing Data Intercept inside the ruin at the back right. Finally, my Immortals fall back and the Scarabs advance into the middle as a bit of a road block.

I hold the Flayed Ones back, I’m not sold on any targets from them at the moment and I do debate maybe bringing them behind Illuminor so he can buff them next turn and then they can charge into the Heirodule. But it doesn’t really give me any more pressure than I already have.

Necron Move 2

Luckily the Hexmark manages to do 5 wounds in the shooting! The Command Barge does shoot but he bounces off of Liam's 5++ saves. Illumnior fires into the Haruspex but fails to dent the T8 monster.

Into my charge phase, I leave the Heirodule in combat with the Warriors and instead push the Skorpekh into the Maleceptor. The Hexmark also makes his charge and makes sure to stay within 6” of a Skorpekh Destroyer to give them the +1 Strength from Hungry Void. I then pop both Blood Rites and Disruption Fields to give them a staggering total of +2S and +1 attack. They rip down the Maleceptor and take the objective. The Hexmark does another 2 wounds to the Hive Guard and takes down a 2nd of the beasts!

Not a bad rebuttal but I am concerned I might lose too much next turn. If I can keep my Skorpekh alive I might be able to make up the points deficit later in the game.

Necron Fight 2

End of Round 2 Scoring

Tyranids: 26

Necrons: 14

round THree


James has managed to injure and tie up my Hive Guard, which worries me greatly. He always makes it his priority to tie them up whenever it’s possible and losing a massive chunk of my shooting power does make me nervous. I go straight into the Command Phase though and use Bioweapon Bond on the Hive Guard, just incase I get lucky with the smite and kill the Hexmark before the shooting phase.

Movement phase, the Swarmlord moves south to protect the Hive Guard, and the Flyrant also moves down to charge either some Scarabs or the Immortals that survived last turn. The Hierodule stays in combat ready to flame the Warriors, and I deploy my Lictor into James’ back corner to help score me some Engage.


Psychic phase, and unfortunately the smite from the Swarmlord only does 2 mortals to the Hexmark. The Flyrant however does manage to wipe the Immortals with his own smite, and prepares himself for a charge onto the Scarabs. The Swarmlord also gives himself an extra 2 attacks from Aggressive Surge

Shooting phase arrives, and it goes perfectly. The Hierodule manages to roll hot enough on his Bio-Acid Spray that he wipes the remaining Warriors, and is now free to charge those Skorpekh Destroyers! Speaking of which, we move straight into the charge phase, where he does indeed charge the Destroyers, the Flyrant charges the Scarabs and the Swarmlord charges the Hexmark. 

The Hierodule manages to kill 2 of the Sporekh thanks to some hot rolls from James and his 5++. The Flyrant does manage to wipe the Scarabs however, and the Swarmlord effortlessly slays the Hexmark. The Skorpekh swing back and do very little damage to the Hierodule, thanks to a combination of -1 damage and a 5++ provided by being Crusher Stampede. I’m sitting comfortably on 4 objectives to James’ 2, and so we move into James’ turn 3.


The Chronometron once again goes on the Skorpekh and I pull the Chronomancer and Illuminor round the back of the ruin. The Command Barge sallies forth to re-tag the Hive Guard and the Swarmlord for good measure and the Flayed Ones come in right at the edge of the left of the board to threaten Liam's backfield Data-Interceptors.

If this turn goes to plan, I’ll have taken him off his backfield Objective, dropping him off Hold More and Possibly Hold Three if my Skorpekh dent the Heirodule enough. I’ll also have tied both the Swarmlord and the Hive Guard up.

Necron Move 3
Necron Charge 3

Sadly, none of this happens… My Skorpekh barely dent the Heirodrule, the Flayed Ones fail their charge and the worst part was when Liam rolls five 6’s to wound and 7 wounds on the Command Barge meaning I have to pass 6 out of 7 saves to survive… As opposed to the average of having to pass 4/7. Despite Quantum Deflection the Barge does die and my Code of Combat sits on 3 points for the rest of the game. To add more sadness to this turn Liam passed 3/4 saves on his Hive Guard meaning I didn't even kill half the squad.

Necron Move 3

End of Round 3 Scoring:

Tyranids - 48

Necrons - 23

Turn Four


I’m incredibly lucky here that James managed to fail his 8” charge with the Flayed Ones, and it means I’ve hit the point where I can just clean up the table. James also made a fatal error in charging the Swarmlord, who still had his extra attacks from last turn and managed to bring down the Command Barge even with Quantum Deflection active. Bioweapon Bond goes onto the Hive Guard and we go straight into the Movement phase.

The Swarmlord moves up ready to charge James’ remaining characters, the Hierodule stays in combat with the Destroyers, and the Haruspex moves himself to ready a charge into those Flayed Ones. The Flyrant also flies up to James’ table quarter, preparing to control his own home objective. Into the psychic phase, the Swarmlord gives himself an extra attack from Aggressive Surge, and gives the Hierodule a 4++ with Synaptic Barrier

Shooting doesn’t do too much, so I move straight into the charge phase and luckily make all of my charges. I start with the Haruspex attacking the Flayed Ones, and this is a combat I’ve been wanting to see for ages. I spend 1cp on Feeding the Hunger to reroll hit rolls, and I’m really hoping to blend some infantry, which this guy seems perfect at doing! And after all of his attacks, he kills a grand total of… 3 Flayed Ones. Yikes.

The other combats go well though! The Flyrant kills both of the Cryptothralls hiding on James’ objective, and the Swarmlord slays the Cryptek where he stands. The Flayed Ones fight back and do 3 wounds to the Haruspex, and with Acid Blood I manage to inflict 2 mortal wounds back onto them!

I score another 3 on Engage and pass the turn back to James.

Turn 4

It’s mostly a formality at this stage, the Flayed Ones continue to wail at the Tyranids they’re now locking in combat with as Liam's mops up my remaining assets on the other side of the board. I now have no Data Intercept unit and nothing to hold any objectives with.

End of Round 4 Scoring

Tyranids - 70

Necrons - 23

Turn Five


At this point, I just clean up and score some last minute points, and manage to score a total of 84 points! We just need to add up points for No Prisoners and we’ll see the final standings.


The game ends out with mostly the same as turn four. I lose a few more Flayed Ones but nothing major happens.

End of Game

Post Game Thoughts


Well that was brutal… There's no other way to say it. Crusher Stampede has accelerated an already strong Tyranid list. The mass 5++ Invunerable Saves is crazy strong, as is the Plethora of new stratagems and ability for Liam's monsters to hold Objectives.

We talked about this a bit after the game but the army really doesn’t feel like it has a weakness you could exploit. Had a couple of other things gone my way perhaps I could have eeked a few more points out but I doubt I could have won with this strategy. Possibly holding everything back till Turn 2, using the Warriors to help kill the Dimacheron and forcing Liam to engage me in my deployment zone… may have worked but then I lose the board. As soon as I come out to hold the board those Hive Guard rain death on me. I even tied them up quite effectively for the midgame but it wasn’t enough to hold the board. The -1 damage on the beast neutered my Skorpekh and Silent King so hard that they couldn't trade very well at all.

I'm excited for Liam to get a good run at winning some Tournaments but for me it's back to the drawing board for this list. The Resurrection Orb was okay but I think I need an Orb of Eternity to make it really worth it. I'm thinking of dropping the Barge and Illuminor for a Technomancer, Lord and Overlord, the possibility of the re-roll 1’s from the Lord is very tempting, especially if I shifted the Veil onto him too. This also gives me about 70-80 pts to play with too… Food for thought! Hope you guys enjoyed the read and seeing all the new Crusher Stampede rules!


Man, what a game. Crusher Stampede really is as strong as we were thinking it would be. Contesting objectives was my first worry with this army, but being able to give anything Obsec with Hive Mind Imperative really makes this army one of the best at scoring Primary. Secondaries I can see being a problem in some games, but I’m planning on swapping the Tyranid Prime for a Neurothrope with the Void Crown, to unlock the Warpcraft secondaries as a legitimately good pick for me. 

Also the Haruspex, as cool as he is… is just so bad. No matter how durable you make him in Crusher Stampede, his damage output is just terrible, and you’re better off spending the points on Carnifexes or possibly a Trygon. On the bright side, he tied up a unit of Flayed Ones for 2 whole battle round, which is something I guess!

I’m beyond excited to use these guys in the tournament setting, and I’m sure you’ll see tournament reports from all of us in the near future. Thanks for reading!

Final Scores