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Warhammer 40k – Adepta Sororitas vs Grey Knights 2000 Points

We've got a shorter format for this Battle Report! 

Joe wanted to see how his Grey Knights would fare against the Adepta Sororitas - With their 5++ Deny the Witch from Shield of Faith and Aegis of the Emperor, Thrice Blessed Hull and Purity of Faith Stratagems and Pure of Will Warlord Trait. Sisters can be a real thorn for any Psychic army. 

So I've loaded up on my Anti-Psyker stuff and got ready to counter lots of the Grey Knights' sorcery!

Army Lists

Joe's Grey Knights
Battalion - Swordbearers


Grandmaster in Dreadknight Armour -- Sigil of Exigence, Servant of the Throne 

Librarian -- Sanctic Shard 

Librarian -- Psychic Epitome 


 3x5 Strike Squads -- Swords, 1x Psilencer 

 2x10 Interceptor Squads -- Halberds, 2x Psilencer 4 Servitors 


 2 Nemesis Dreadknights - Gatling Psilencer, Psycannon, Dreadblade

5x Paladins

James' Adepta Sororitas

Battalion - Ebon Chalice


Dialogus - Litany of Enduring Faith

Hospitaller - Book of St Lucius, Indomitable Belief


Cannoness - Blessed Blade, Inferno Pistol, Word Of The Emperor, Blade of Saint Ellynor, Terrible Knowledge


5x Battle Sisters - Simulacrum Imperialis, Multi-Melta

5x Battle Sisters - Simulacrum Imperialis, Heavy Bolter

5x Battle Sisters


5x Celestian Squad - 2x Artificer-crafter Storm Bolter

5x Celestian Squad - 2x Artificer-crafter Storm Bolter

5x Celestian Squad - 2x Artificer-crafter Storm Bolter

Imagifier - Tale of the Warrior

9x Sisters Repentia


5x Seraphin - 10x Bolt Pistols

5x Zephyrim - Zephyrim Pennant




5x Retributors - 4x Heavy Bolters, 2x Armourium Cherub

Supreme Command Detachment 


Morvenn Vahl - Warlord - Righteous Rage

THe MIssion and the Board

Grand Tournament 2021 Pack

32. Sweep and Clear



Joe's Grey Knights

  • Purifying Ritual
  • Engage on all Fronts
  • Retrieve Octarius Data

James' Adepta Sororitas

  • Direct Assault
  • Engage on all Fronts
  • Abhor the Witch

Pregame thoughts

So going into this game I'm acutely aware at this point I've played 5 games against Grey Knights and not won a single one yet.

Joe's brought the big guns with 2 Dreadknights, a Grandmaster in Dreadknight armour (with all the toys) and lots of Interceptors. This means he's going to have a lot of movement and a lot of upfront damage in the early turns. If I can survive the early turns of the Dreadknights damage I should be able to give this a good go. I also think if I can get rid of the +1 to Wound and +1 Damage Spells my tanks should last long enough to dent the grey Knights enough.

I've taken Direct Assault , Engage on all Fronts and Abhor the Witch. Abhor was an easy one (obviously) Direct Assault just needs me to tag the middle, as opposed to Strangehold where Joe's absolutely going to hold most of the board early on. Engage was a tough decision but with my Zephyrim and Seraphim I should be able to get it turns 3-4 as well. Not a terrible plan but, I know the punch these Grey Knights can pack so it's going to be a difficult game.


So I've deployed pretty conserved here keeping my Exorcist and Castigator down in the bottom corner with my characters and Celestine's behind the middle ruin with the Rhino full of Repentia. I know if Joe goes first he's going to hit hard so the aim is to keep as many of my trading assets alive.

The other thing is if I keep as many of my small squads our I should be able to push out so when Joe deep strikes his two Dreadknights it wont be easy for him to find targets.


Turn one

Grey Knights

So Joe's got the first turn and spreads out with pretty much ALL his Interceptors to cover all three quarters for his Engage on all Fronts. The Acolytes start R.O.D in the back right hand corner.

I end up denying about 50% of Joe's powers with the boosted Shield of Faith from Aegis of the Emperor Sacred Rights. Joe does manage to get Empyric Amplification despite my attempt with Purity of Faith, which failed to roll its 4+ , off on the Immolator and quite easy deletes it in the shooting phase. He also teleports his Grandmaster in Dreadknight armour with Gate of Infinity

GK Mv 1

Not only does Joe take out the Immolater he strips off the 5 Celestines next to it and takes down 1 of the 5 Battle Sisters thanks to an explosion.

GK end of 1
Adepta Sororitas

So I’ve pushed up with the 5 sisters in the building to the centre of the board, this should get me both my Engage On All Fronts and Direct Assault this turn and acts as a bit of a barrier for Joes inevitable deep strikes next turn!

I fall back with all the units that are tied up by the Interceptors, keeping the Repentia inside the Rhino ready for next turn. My two tanks move up round the corner in range of Joes Grandmaster Dreadknight  (he’ll likely zap away as soon as I target him).

Which is exactly what happens when my Castigator opens up - unfortunately  I don’t  have anything else available to target other than the 5 Interceptors at the bottom right which my army swiftly takes care of. As I can’t see the Grandmaster now I activate Devastating Refrain on my Excorist and with a Command Re-Roll from Joe I’ve dropped him down to only 2 wounds left!


Morvenn Vahl finishes off the last but one Interceptors, and unfortunately can't fit to make the charge and that ends the turn, not a bad one Secondary wise and I'm set up for a reasonable Turn 2 if not slightly conservatory. 

Sisters Mov and Shoot 1

End of Turn One:

Grey Knights - 4

Adepta Sororitas - 9

Turn two

Grey Knights

Joe hits back hard in Turn 2. He drops his 3 Dreadknights, 2 from deep strike and the Grandmaster from a Teleport Shunt and drops his Paladins and Super-Smiter Librarian.

In hindsight I should have pushed out with more units, Joe's now in a position where I'm completely shoved back into my deployment zone.

Fortunately, I end up denying a lot of Joe's key spells from the Dreadknights and the odd smite on that side of the board. Unfortunately, I don't manage to stop Vortex of Doom going off and Joe picks up all 4 of the Celestines in front of the Ruin and a Battle Sister behind. As well as damaging the Excorsits.

GK Mv 2

It gets worse going into his shooting and charge phases as he picks up all the sisters in that space of the board, destroys both the Castigator and Exorcist.

To make matters worse the Exorcist explodes onto all my characters! My Hospitaller can heal but not this much...

GK Shoot and Charge 2

Joe then charged my Castigator with his Grand Master and Battle Sister Squad with his Grey Knights Strike Squad. My Castigator gets splatted (not unexpectedly) and thankfully doesn't explode. Luckily on the other combat my Battle Sister Squad has 1 remaining Sister who does successfully pass her Morale Check

GK end of 2

Adepta Sororitas

I don't get any primary as Joe's on 4 objectives. But if my plan goes well I'll pick up a lot of secondary this turn and hopefully catch up on the primary later this game.

Starting with my Command Phase, Morvenn Vahl puts Commander of the Adepta Sororitas ability onto herself. I move out with most of my force in the opposte direction of Joe's Dreadknights. The Hospitaller heals up the Dialogus, the lone Battle Sisters goes to grab that middle objective and the Repentia Jump out of the Rhino to take Joe off the Bottom right Objective, finally the Zephyrim drop down in the top right ready to challenge Joes Librarian and Acolytes.

Sisters Mv 2

My shooting goes quite well, I do actually finally bring Joes Grand Master down this turn and clear out a Paladin squad. Having lost the majority of my my shooting units in Joes turn this definitely wasn't a bad move. If I can clear him off 3 objectives and hold steady with what I've got left I may be able to keep this going.

My Charge Phase is a bit more interesting, the Repentia and Morvenn fight their respective units (Paladins and Strike Marines) and take them all down. Morvenn consolidating into the other Librarian to ensure he has to use his powers on her. With her 4+++ save against Mortal Wounds with the Purgator Mirabilis Warsuit . The Zephyrim even with Embodied Prophecy for +1 to wound fail to kill more than 2 Acolytes. I had hope to clear them all off but at least I now hold the objective.

Not a terrible turn 2 considering how much we lost in Joe's turn and I'm definitely feeling a bit more confident on the bottom half of the table.

Sisters End of 2

End of Turn Two:

Grey Knights - 23

Adepta Sororitas - 23

turn three

Grey Knights

Joe closes the net here and marches his Dreadknights in opposite directions, one to take the top left objective, one to threaten the bottom left. His remaining Strike Squads move towards the middle, top right and top bottom objectives. His 2nd unit of Interceptors drops in near the Rhino.

GK Mv 3

His psychic phase comes up and again I deny several powers. I save my Zephyrim from two smites, but it all comes down to Morvenn Valh vs the Librarian. I fail all my denies and with Psychic Channelling and Pyschic Epitome he pumps 13 Mortal Wound into her. I fail 7/13 and end up on only 2 wounds remaining. Clearly she wasn't able to tank this guy!

The shooting phase comes and goes and I almost everything on the left hand side ruin and all the Repentia.

GK Shoot 3

In the fight phase, Joe makes every charge he rolls, picks up Morvenn Vahl, the Zephyrim, my Cannoness and half the Central Battle Sisters Squad who with a little luck make 2 sets of 6+++ feel no pains!

GK charge and fight 3

All my confidence left me at the end of Joe's turn. He picked apart my remaining forces perfectly. And I'm not really left with an awful lot left.

Adepta Sororitas

We kick off the turn and all my Sisters Rush out the ruin to face the Grey Knights head on. My Rhino shifts around the objective and I Bring down my Seraphim to get Engage on All Fronts (probably for the final time)

Sisters Mv 3

I shoot off with a load of bolter fire into the Strike Squads on the right and do manage to take one down, before the entirety of my army charges in! I make sure I've got a Sister on the objective which should get me my Direct Assault this turn.

Unfortunately, basic sisters don't do very well into Marines in close combat and I only just manage 3 wounds across the two squads I charged, fail to kill any Acolytes with my Seraphim and loose two in return. I do score Direct Assault and Engage on all Fronts netting me another 5 points and I do end up ahead on points this turn.

Sisters Charge 3

End of Turn Three:

Grey Knights - 31

Adepta Sororitas - 33

Turn four


Joe takes his Turn 4 and cleans up everything bar two of my characters. I strike back at his Strike Squad in my Turn 4 and do kill another Strike Marine (SUCCESS.) But the game is effectively over now. I do manage to deny two of his Purifying Rituals and Stop him getting more than 4 points this turn!

End of Turn Four:

Grey Knights - 57

Adepta Sororitas - 33

Turn five


As expected my Hospitaller and Dialogus went down this turn and Joe scores max Primary and almost max Secondary (due to my deny last turn he only gets 14 on Purifying Ritual and he dropped 1 point on Engage.)

End of Turn Four:

Grey Knights - 85

Adepta Sororitas - 33

Post game thoughts

Well that was a brutal game and definitely not quite what I expected. I thought the anti-psyker stuff would really have been more effective but those Dreadknights and Interceptors are brutally efficient even without any powers.

I had a lot of fun bringing the Sisters out, especially the Castigator which I REALLY wish was better and I'm glad I could give Joe a game where he was relying on his Shooting and Melee a lot more so he could see how effective he could be. My list was definitely the weaker of the two but when it gets going it can pull its weight. Its only my 2nd game since the new book and I've since got some Sacresants painted so will absolutely be bringing those out next time. 

We've got a game planned with Black Templars and Grey Knights soon and I'm super interested to see how that goes!

As for now, anyone who got to the bottom thanks for the read and hope you enjoyed!

final SCore