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Warhammer 40k – Adepta Sororitas vs Thousand Sons 2000 Points

The Lists

James' Adepta Sororitas

Battalion - Ebon Chalice


Dialogus - Litany of Enduring Faith

Hospitaller - Book of St Lucius, Indomitable Belief


Cannoness - Blessed Blade, Inferno Pistol, Word Of The Emperor, Blade of Saint Ellynor, Terrible Knowledge


5x Battle Sisters - Simulacrum Imperialis, Multi-Melta

5x Battle Sisters - Simulacrum Imperialis, Heavy Bolter

5x Battle Sisters


5x Celestian Squad - 2x Artificer-crafter Storm Bolter

5x Celestian Squad - 2x Artificer-crafter Storm Bolter

5x Celestian Squad - 2x Artificer-crafter Storm Bolter

Imagifier - Tale of the Warrior

9x Sisters Repentia


5x Seraphin - 10x Bolt Pistols

5x Zephyrim - Zephyrim Pennant




5x Retributors - 4x Heavy Bolters, 2x Armourium Cherub

Supreme Command Detachment 


Morvenn Vahl - Warlord - Righteous Rage

Dan's Thousand Sons

Battalion - Cult of Duplicity.


Exalted Sorcerer - Disc of Tzeentch, Rehetti Upgrade, Lord of Forbidden Law, The Chronos Tutorum.

Infernal Master - Capering Imps, Glimpse of Reality.

Infernal Master - Diabolic Savant, Malefic Malestrom, Helm of the Deamons Eye.

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour, Force Axe, Inferno Combi-bolter, Battle-Psyker upgrade, Egleighens Orrery.


5x Rubric Marines, Soulreaper Cannon, Icon of Flame.

5x Rubric Marines, Soulreaper Cannon, Icon of Flame.

5x Rubric Marines, Soulreaper Cannon, Icon of Flame.

5x Rubric Marines, Soulreaper Cannon, Icon of Flame.

5x Rubric Marines, Soulreaper Cannon, Icon of Flame.

5x Rubric Marines - 4x Warpflamers, Icon of flame.


10x Scarab Occult Terminators - 2 Soul Reaper Cannons, 2 Hellfyre Missile Racks, Ardent Automata upgrade.

Relic Contemptor, 2 Twin Vulkite Culverin, Cyclone Missile Launcher.


3x Tzangor Enlightened - Diving Spears

3x Tzangor Enlightened - Diving Spears

3x Tzangor Enlightened - Diving Spears

The Mission and Board

Grand Tournament Pack 2021

12. Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth


James' Adepta Sororitas

  • Abhor the Witch
  • Raise The Banners High
  • Engage On All Fronts

Dan's Thousand Sons

  • Retrieve Octarius Data
  • Mutate Landscapes
  • Engage On All Fronts

PRegame Thoughts


This game is quite exciting for me, I had promised myself I wouldn’t play with the new Sisters Codex until I had 2k fully painted. It’s no way the best or most efficient Sisters list out there but I’m so pumped to get it all out on the table and play with it. 

This is also an interesting one as it’s a switch around with Dan and I, he’s borrowing my Thousand Sons and I’ll be the one playing the Adepta Sororitas. This is also not a bad thing for me as I’m absolutely learning this army from the get-go and Dan’s not played the new Thousand Sons book so we’re in the same boat!

I’ve taken Abhor the Witch (he’s got a lot of Psykers), Raise the Banners, I have two on my side of the board and lots of MSU to activate them and Engage on All Fronts, with my deepstrikers and transports I should be scoring 2 on this a turn if not 3 in the latter turns of the game.


So a rematch between Sisters of battle and the Thousand Sons. Only there is a role reverse, I am taking the magic boys out for a spin. This is my first ever game with them, I am extremely excited to play them. This is normally James' army so he knows it well, but I think this is a solid list.

With that in mind my secondaries are Mutated landscape, Retrieve Octarus Data (ROD) and Engage On All Fronts. I have built engage in with my 3 "throw away" Enlightened units and with Cult of Duplicity I should be able to get round the board a fair bit.

James will want vengeance for my Sister's deny all his spells, I fully expect to only get off half my powers. I will need to bait the close denies with powerful spells so I can get some combos off.

It's going to be a fun game lets see how deployment looks.



Ive tried to set up everything as if I'm going second, and hidden all my useful assets behind the cover. I should be able to get a little bead on one of his back units with the Castigator and I can spend 2CP on Devasting Refrain to try knock Dan's Contemptor down if I do get the first turn. My main focus has been trying to keep as much as possible hidden and if I do go first only show a little to make sure I can raise my banners. I've deployed my Immolator on the line however. My Plan is to zoom up past the mid-line for a quick and easy Engage and with the feel no pain stratagem soak up a lot of Dan's early impact, if it takes him two phases to kill it my Retributors should be able to jump out and case some havoc. (Disclaimer, I did realise a bit too late that the FNP stratagem has changed to an Argent Shroud one only... so this plan was flawed!)


Not much to say here, with my movement I can deploy very cagey which I do. I have deployed as best I can out of line of sight, we are playing the LGT set up so it's a little more sparse than usual but they do have 3 big blocks in/near my deployment zone. So I do however get most of the army out, more importantly, the key units are out of line of sight.


Turn One


Ive pushed Morvenn out behind the ruin but within 3” of the Celestines, thanks to their bodyguard rule this means she’s un-targetable. My Immolater zooms up the board (thanks to a good Advance roll it makes it just past the halfway line) and secures me my 2 for Engage On All Fronts. I use two Battle Sister units to Raise the Banners on my two home objectives. I also pop one Celestine out of the ruin on the far right to make sure even if Dan kills my unit of Battle Sisters I’ll still hold that objective.

My Castigator can just draw line of sight onto one of the Tzaangor Enlightened units and deletes them from the board, nice and quickly. With everything else out of line of sight that ends my turn!

Sisters Mv 1


So James got Turn 1 and as expected my deployment protected me, I lost 3 Enlightened but that's what they are there for.

Command phase, I gain a cp and I get both my Infernal Pacts: Glimpse of Reality and Malevolent Maelstrom which go onto the Scarab Occult Terminators.

Movement phase is fairly tentative, I move my units so half the force is still out of line of sight the other half is now out to shoot. A unit of Enlightened zips forward on my right to net me my engagement points. I complete ROD in the top Right Corner.

TS Mv 1

Psychic phase; the big one, I apologize to James for how long this took, but it was the first time and Thousand Sons have A LOT to do here. I have 22 Cabal points, let's get spending. First off I do Mutated Landscape on the left flank and make it undeniable with Cabbalistic Focus costing me 8 cabal points but netting me 3vp. I cast Glamour of Tzeentch and Weaver of Fates, however, James denies Presage. I next cast Pyric Flux on the Rubric Marines with Warpflamers and then use the Cult of Duplicity spell, Sorcerous Facade, to put the Rubric unit in James’ half within flamer range of Some Battle Sisters. Next, I cast a Smite onto the Immolator. Using 1cp on Malefic Scroll to make the Smite flat 3 mortal wounds, I then use 4 Cabal Points on Malevolent Charge to cause 2 more mortal wounds for a total of 5. I use 4 more cabal points for Echoes of the Warp letting me do a psychic action to gain a cp. I Perils on a Double 1, but as it's warp charge 3 it does go off. I take 1 mortal wound for my troubles. The Terminators cast Empyric Guidance on themselves. Finally, I use 3 cabal points on Warp Sight allowing me to cast Doom Bolt and use another unit as the line of sight, the spell is cast and that's another 3 mortals to the Immolator for a total of 8.

The shooting phase is a lot simpler. The Warpflamer Rubrics kill a unit of Sisters, the Contemptor on 1 wound finishes the immolator off.  And the Terminators go crazy, the Soul Reapers and Hellfyre Rack kill the newly emerged Retributers, the Inferno Bolters split killing 1 unit of Sisters and half of a second unit. All in all a very successful shooting phase.

Not a bad turn, got 2vp for Engage, started ROD and got 3vp for Mutated Landscape. I have dropped James to 1 primary and I'm on 3 currently. Let's see how James responds.

TS end of 1

Turn TWo


This was a bit of an error on my part, I thought Sisters still had an “ignore Mortal Wounds on a roll of X+” stratagem. It turns out they do but it’s locked to Argent Shroud and with the change in Order Abilities, Ebon Chalice losing their 5++ it did throw me a bit, still this is why you play games - I now know for sure. My Hope was that the Immolator would take Dan’s Psychic and Shooting to down them but with him knocking it completely out in one phase it left my poor Retributors high and dry in the shooting phase and 2 Scarab Occult quickly put them down. This was even despite a Thrice Blessed Hull, Purity of Faith, and a Command Re-Roll to try and deny these powers it was to no avail.

I messed up here, Morvenn was a TINY bit short of the objective and I only pick up 5 primary points… This was bad and is definitely something I should have tripled checked instead of just eye-balling it.

Sisters Mv 2

I start the turn by positioning my guns in full sight of Dan’s Terminators, he hasn’t actually left me much else to shoot other than the forward unit of Rubric Marines who teleported. This might go badly, they’re fully buffed up, and with his Unwavering Phalanx stratagem, they’ll be super hard to shift. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a choice. I drop the Zephyrim down on the right-hand side to try to contest Dan’s objective over there.

So we start off with the shooting phase and put the Castigator into the Terminators. I do have Blast here but fortunately, I roll a 6 for the no. of shots and despite Dan’s Unwavering Phalanx stratagem (that he did use immediately) the Castigator manages to kill 2.1 Terminators. Not a bad start! I put some other shots around to try to knock off the other two wounds and do kill a 3rd Terminator. The Exorcist fires into them and rolls 8 shots! After Dan’s finished his saves I roll for damage and roll two 1’s… Unfortunately, I cant re-roll either or use a miracle dice as I’ve done both this phase already. This was painful to go through but it does happen sometimes and downing 3.2 Terminators that are fully buffed is nothing to complain about at this stage. It will probably cost me later though.  Dan makes some crazy saves on the Warp-Flamer Rubrics and means Morvenn has to charge in herself in combat to try to get them down. She does manage it and I end the turn with 2 points on Engage and 2 of my Banners raised

Sisters End 2


Ok not bad the Scarab Occult Terminators weathered a huge amount, I did use Unwavering Phalanx to reduce the damage. I did lose my flamer Rubric but not before they overwatched and killed a unit of 5 sisters, James had to expose Morvan Vahl to finish them. I somehow didn't lose all my Tzangor Enlightened on the right. I did, however, stupidly not put a second unit in range of my rear right objective so I only got 5 Primary (tactical boo boo there). I get Malefic Malestrom, but I fail Glimpse of Reality.

Movement is more of the same here. In the center the Scarab Occult Terminators shimmy left, the characters also do this. On the left the Tzangor Enlightened shoot up looking to tag the Castigator, a unit of Rubric Marines fall back away from the Zephyrim with a new unit taking its place. On the right, the Contemptor moves left as does the infernal Master and a unit of Rubric Marines. The lone Tzangor falls back into the top right corner.

TS mv 2

Psychic phase sorry readers will try to keep this short this time. I have 20 cabal points. I repeat last time casting Mutated Landscape and making it undeniable with Cabbalistic Focus costing me 8 Cabal points. I use my Exalted Sorcerer to smite the 5 Zephyrim, using Malefic Scroll and Malevolent Charge to deal 5 mortal wounds killing the unit. I smatter about some buffs and the like. I try cast sorcerous facade and pop a unit of Rubric Marines into the back left corner for ROD next turn, it's here I realise, that I forgot to do it in the back right corner and now have no way of doing so, James denies it the power and now my ROD is looking dicey. I use Echoes of the Warp and gain a cp. All in all a good psychic phase.

TS Psy 2

Shooting phase, another solid phase. I chip some wounds off the Rhino and 4 wounds off Morvenn Vahl with the Scarab Occult and some Rubric Marines. The Contemptor kills the Rhino, sadly the Repentia all get out and hide. I pick up some Sisters around the board, I am trying to deplete his resources while keeping mine going.

Charge phase the Tzangor Enlightened charge the Castigator to get over the line and score me that extra point, they don’t do any damage but it’s all about the movement here, I even used a Command Re-roll to ensure they’ll make it.

End of TS 2

End of the turn I score 3vp for Engage, 3vp for Mutated Landscape, and sadly due to my mistake I score nothing on ROD.

TURN Three


So the Repentia’s turn to shine - hidden away in the ruin they push up against the wall to get a charge onto the Terminators, I want to avoid an overwatch and I have a 6 and a 1 in my Miracle Dice pool so that with the +1 from the Hand of The Emperor Sacred Rite I can guarantee my charge. The Hospitaller uses Rites of Restoration onto the wounded Celestine Squad on the right and brings back 3. Morvenn, now slightly wounded moves up the other side of the large ruin to get a small shot out at the Contemptor.

Sisters Mv 3

The Castigator opens up onto the Tzaangor Enlightened, putting its heavy bolters into them and electing its Castigator battle cannon to shoot into the Rubrics on the hill. Unbelievably it manages it and kills both units! Unbelievably, Morvenn fails to kill the Contemptor thanks to Dan rolling some pretty hot saves. This leaves it up to the Exorcist, who fires into the Contemptor and does finish it off. It explodes and damn, do I wish it still did D6 mortal wounds to Psyker units. His Infernal Master and two Rubric units take a mortal wound for their troubles instead. My Seraphim harmlessly bounce off the All Is Dust Saves of the Rubrics and the Dialogus fires her bolt pistol off to finish the wounded remaining Tzaangor Enlightened.

Sisters Shoot 3

Into the Charge Phase. My Seraphim don’t make a charge, I didn’t want to risk it this turn as I really need the Engage Points here. Using a Miracle Dice roll my Repentia effortlessly make it into the Scarab Occult. I get some fantastic hit and wound rolls but Dan rolls 9/11 4+ saves and I only kill 1 Terminator. They then strike back and kill 6 Repentia. To make matters even worse the Repentia fail their Morale and I roll a 1 for the last girl, who then flees.

End of Sisters 3


Just when I think I am in control of the game James goes and has a super turn (mostly). He killed a lot of my stuff in shooting, however, his Repentia bounced hard. I rolled 9 out 11 4+ Invuns on the Scarab Occult Terminators, in return the I killed the Repentia with the last one running away.

Command phase I get both pacts off again. I get 10 on the Primary.

Movement the Scarab Occult Continue to press the left hand side, the characters, and some Rubric Marines on the left gather around the objective. On the right, a unit of Rubric Marines moves up just outside of 3" of Morvenn Vahl, but within range of the objective. I remember to ROD in the top left corner this time.

TS Mv 3

Psychic phase, our favourite phase. Now down to 18 Cabal points due to the casualties James has done on my Rubrics. I Mutated landscape under Vahls feet, making it undeniable with Cabbalistic Focus, I gain a cp with Echoes from the Warp I dish out mortal wounds to the Castigator. I use Sorcerous Facade to get in the bottom Right preparing to do another ROD. James actually blocks a fair few this turn finally, however, I do get Temporal Surge to get onto the objective by the Castigator and hopefully kill it too. He denies a lot but its probably a bit too late for him now.

Shooting is ok, the Scarab Occult Terminators finish off the Castigator. I kill some sisters but otherwise fairly tame.

While not a super killy turn, a great turn for points, finally got my first 4vp for ROD, 2vp for Engage and 3vp for Mutated Landscape. I have also put James under a lot of pressure. Let's move into turn 4.

TS Shoot 3

Turn Four


The reign of the Castigator has been finished. Dan’s teleported a unit of Rurbric marines to the bottom right corner to try to attempt his 3rd Retrieve Octarius Data. I send all my Characters down with both units of Celestines either ready to shoot or charge. If I get all my characters in and my Celestines, this should let me trap his Rubrics and due to their bodyguard rules stop Dan from shooting my Characters. Morvenn moves out to clear the Rubrics out and the Seraphim hope behind the top unit to tag them. The Exorcist comes out the other side of the ruin so she can shoot the top right Rubrics. I push my Palatine out who stays within 3” of a Celestine so she cant be shot.

My plan goes okay to start, the Excorsit wipes the Rubrics off the objective and then into the charge phase, the Serpahin make it in, as does Morvenn Vahl. However, only 2/4 of my characters make it into the Rubric Marines… This is over for me now, my Cannoness is going to get blasted off the table. With her Blessing still available and her Blade of Saint Elynor, I could have made a last turn dash to the Terminators and ensured Dan wouldn’t be getting 15 Primary or Engage for his last turn. Its still possible if the three units that got in can kill that last Sorcerer...

Sisters 4

However, they fail to do so and leave him on a single wound. Things go from bad to worse as the Celestines and Hospitaller cant finish off the Aspiring Sorcerer… and despite fighting twice Morvenn Vahl only kills 2 Rubric Marines. I’m starting to understand how Liam feels when his Swarmlord runs in and doesn’t kill anything!


I don't know how but 5 Rubric Marines stood up to Vahl for 2 rounds of attacks with 3 remaining. I mostly held out, though I lost a unit of Rubric Marines. James did block my ROD, looks like I'm not getting that.

Command phase I get only the Glimpse of Reality infernal pact off. I get 15 primary points.

Movement is more consolidation. I push forward with the Scarab Occult and Exalted Sorcerer and the Rubric Marines fall back from Vahl.

Psychic phase, again is very much repeated Mutated Landscape making it undeniable, extra cp with Echoes from the Warp. I also use Sorcerous Facade to get the Rubric Marines out of combat and in shooting range of Morvenn Vahl. Had I thought about it I would have put them somewhere I could get all 3pts on Engage and be in a position to ROD turn 5, which would have been a much better play. I kill some of the seraphim with smite from the Infernal Master.

TS 4

Shooting phase, this was a big one using Wrath of the Wronged on my unit of Rubric Marines and they finish off Morvenn Vahl.

End of the turn I get 2vp on Engage, 3vp on Mutated Landscape James has effectively blocked any chance of ROD even with a turn 5 coming up.

Turn Five


I push everything up in a last-ditch attempt to try and knock Dan off the Primaries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really go my way and I end up only scoring 2 for Engage and once again failing to kill the Aspiring Sorcerer for another 2 Abhor the Witch Points. I do score my 2 Banners at the beginning and I’m almost guaranteed to get another one at the end of the game.


We called it here as the Thousand Sons were too far ahead and James loosing Vahl and the Castigator meant his Turn 5 didn't have an impact. So my Turn 5 was pretty rapid, it's 15 on the Primary, 3vp on Mutated Landscape and 3vp on Engage.

End of game

Post Game THoughts


Firstly, Dan’s faith denying abilities definitely went hotter in our last game than mine did in this game but it was also great to see how strong the Thousand Sons are. I’ve used a couple of “sub-par” Thousand Sons lists and Dan’s is a much more solid list and really shows the flexibility of the codex.

Genuinely, I was pleasantly surprised with the Castigator, I feel if it had “Core” it would be amazing. The Exorcist struggled a bit but rolling double 1 for damage is something that doesn’t often happen and is definitely why I think the Castigator performed better in this game. You just have to ride the bad rolls when they come up. The real let down for me is echoing a sentiment I’ve felt a lot in 9th - Most vehicles really need something added to them to make them a viable choice.

This game has given me a lot to think about, I do think I need some of the Sacresants, they're just Celestines but much much better, a 2nd Immolator, and some more flamers wouldn't go amiss too. Back to the painting table for me, I think!


Wow, what a game it was a lot of fun. Having spent the last couple of years playing purely non-psyker armies, playing Thousand Sons was a blast! A massive thanks to James for not only letting me take his models for a spin but being patient with me as I worked through the psychic phase.

I really liked how the Thousand Sons played, they have some really neat tricks available to them. I did like how Malefic Scroll combined with Malefic Malestrom cabal ritual to get me 3+d3 mortal wounds.

Back to the sorcerous library to gain more knowledge, keep your third eye on the horizon for a red Thousand Sons army.

Until next time thank you for reading and stay safe.

Final Scores