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Warhammer 40k – Thousand Sons vs Adepta Sororitas 2000 Points

Army Lists

James' Thousand Sons

For me this list is about trying out a few things with a Cult in familiar with and with Relics and Spells I'm mostly familiar with. With so many possible combinations and ideas floating around I wanted to go with something I felt comfortable with for my first game post-codex.

Battalion - Cult of Time


Daemon Prince - Hourglass of Manat - Dark Blessing, Swelled by the Warp

Exalted Sorcerer on Disc - Seeker of Shadows, Immaterial Echoes, Atheanen Scrolls, Warlord - Glamour of Tzeentch, Weaver of Fates

Sorceror in Terminator Armour - Pyric Flux, Perplex


2x20 Tzaangors

2x10 Rubric Marines - Soulreaper Cannon - Desecreation of Worlds


1x10 Scarab Occult - 1x Warpflamer, 1x Helfrye Missile Rack - Presage

Tzaangor Shaman - Umbralefic Crystal - Doombolt


2x Predator Annihilator - 2x Heavy Bolters

Thousand Sons Army
Dan's Adepta Sororitas

Battalion valorous heart 

Morvenn Vahl:  warlord righteous rage. 

Cannoness chainsword: Bolt pistol, Emperor's grace blessing.

3 x 5 Battle Sisters 

2 x 3 Paragon Warsuits: Multi melta, storm bolters and paragon warblade

3 Paragon Warsuits: Multi melta, storm bolters and paragon war mace

Hospitaller: book of St lucius

Dialogus: Sigil of the Ecclesiasticus, catechism of repugnance and verse of holy piety

3 x 10 Celestian Sacresants: Anointed halberds

2 x 5 Zephyrim


The Mission And Board

Grand Tournament 2021

32. Sweep and Clear


The Board

The Board


Dan's Adepta Sororitas

  • Stranglehold
  • Abhor the Witch
  • Retrieve Octarius Data

James' Thousand Sons

  • Mutate Landscapes
  • Direct Assualt
  • Strangehold

Pregame THoughts


For me, as mentioned above this is really about focusing on what I know, what the list is capable of, and where to take it in the future.

Dan’s bringing his list for the LGT so I’m expecting a hard game, but I do have the tools to deal with his Sisters. Soul Reaper cannons are very good into T3 bodies and my Predators should be able to do good work against his Warsuits. I’m curious to see how the Valorous Heart bonus affects my bolt guns - from how I understand it works it should keep him on a 4+ sv across the board and a 3+ for his Sacresants and Warsuits.

The real part of this game I need to go well is the psychic phase. Dan has A LOT of denies and auto-denying on a 5+ could really hurt. I saw how well it did against Liam when he used his Tyranids but my army is even more reliant on those powers going off.

I’ve taken Stranglehold, Direct Assault, and Mutate Landscapes. My idea is to hold the middle and get at least 9 on Mutate Landscapes and try to push for the 2 in Dan’s side of the board towards the late game.


Hi all, here to take the holiest of the Emperor's servants, the Adepta Soritas out again. This is an updated list and working more towards my final list. We are up against the Thousand Sons today, so I am taking the Emperor's Aegis sacred right for the juicy 5+ auto deny. 

So this is James first game with the new Thousand Sons, however it's an army he knows well and has only gotten better with the new book. I didn't take Chorus of spiritual fortitude hymn firstly I don't want this to not be fun for James, secondly it's such a hard counter it might make the game really difficult for James. 

That all said I'm Valorus Heart with sacred rights it's still a very solid counter to psychic damage dealers. 

This is my first time with my new list and James first game with the new Thousand Sons, it's going to be a great game. 

So I am taking stranglehold, Abhor the Witch and Retrieve Octarius Data, my list should be able to manage these fairly easily. 


Deployment 2

Sisters Turn one

Turn One


So I got the first turn and both me and James deployed fairly cagey, I did position units to grab stranglehold. 

Command phase all my buffs go off, I put them all on my forward unit of Sacresants. They now have plus one attack, The Passion and Morven Vahls rerolls. James deployed a unit of 10 Rubrics with Risen Rubricae and they are very close. I might get a turn 1 charge. 

My movements are fairly defensive my unit of sister on the far left advances and just grabs the objective, all the Paragons advance and move further up while remaining out of line of sight, the rest of the line shuffles up into cover or out of Los and a unit of Sacrasants advances into the dense terrain and central objective. With stranglehold secure the buffed unit of sacrasants moves towards the Rubric marines. The back unit of sisters completes Retrieve Octarius Data

Shooting is very short; some pistols kill some Tzaangors. 

Charge phase was a trying experience. I rolled a 5, I then reroll a 5 thinking I need the 6. Then remeasure and only needed a 5, so that was stressful. 

Combat is a lot more straightforward, I manage to get 8 into combat. I play suffer not the witch, this gives my sacrasants +1 to hit psykers. Hitting on 2s, wound on 3s rerolling with the passions kills 9 leaving the Sorcerer which I am informed are now immune to morale. 

All in all a good turn I get stranglehold, start Retrieve Octarius Data and do some damage. I am also set up for turn 2.

1 Sisters Mv
1 Sisters End t1


So Dan’s first turn went about as expected, he did clear out a lot more of the Rubrics than I thought but luckily my Sorcerer survived and ended up not being left tied up so he runs over to the objective ready to kill the five Battle Sisters holding it. Thanks to their new ability, Arcane Automata, they were immune to morale. 

I cautiously pushed out with the rest of the army and Umbralefic Crystal a unit of Rubrics to the top of the board to help push the Sisters back on that side of the board. My other unit of Tzaangors Advances behind the hill ready for a turn 2 charge.

TS 1 mv

Into my Psychic phase and it goes… well to be honest it doesn't really go, I only manage to get two powers off her thanks to the Sisters innate ability to deny powers on a 5+. Dan did have to use the Purity of Faith stratagem to stop one of them. I used the Cabal Points on Cabalistic Focus for my Warpcraft Secondary. If I can’t score max primary and Secondary points in these early turns, Dan should run away with this game. The other spell I got off was Glamour of Tzeentch, which I put on the Scarab Occult.

My shooting phase unfortunately suffers the same fate as the Psychic one and very little happens. My Predator Annihilators got three Lascannon shots through to the Battle Sisters and Dan rolled triple 6 for his saves!. But the Scarab Occult Terminators do manage to down 6/10 of the middle Central Sacresant unit.

I then charge the Daemon Prince and Tzaangors into the Sacresants and the Rubric Marines into the Battle Sisters.

1 TS charge

I wrap the turn up with killing all but 1 of the other unit of Sacresants that had killed the Rubrics, this was painful as my Tzaangors effectively bounced on them thanks to the Valorous Heart ability ignoring their AP and then they lost a bunch in return AND failed their morale. This was going to be pretty costly later...

However, my 2 man Rubric Unit did destroy the Sisters in combat, effortlessly dispatching them (Dan’s saves here were an opposite mirror of his shooting phase saves.)

Not the best turn, but I do score all 9 points for my Secondaries and have set up for hopefully a pretty strong turn 2.

Turn two


Wow, just wow, between the 5+ auto deny and the 4+ auto deny strat I stop all bar 2 of the Thousand Sons powers. In addition the list is being super hard to shift the unit of 10 Sacresantsat the front took nearly all the shooting combat from a Demon Prince and Tzaangors and there were 2 left (who bravely withdrew, the Cannoness would like a word). James had to expose himself a bit to do that, the highlight was rolling triple 6 to save the girls on the right flank. Just the 5 primary. 

Command phase is a mixed bag. I fail to get the +1 attack, but I do get passion off on Morvenn Vahl. Vahls rerolls go on the further away unit of suits. 

Movement is a lot more aggressive. On the left the Paragons move to the objective to deal with the pesky 2 Rubric that are alive and reclaim the objective. The Mace Paragons form up behind Vahl, who has one target in mind, a Demon Prince behind some Tzaangors. The far right unit of Paragons moves up the right to get line of sight of Rubric and Scarab Occult. The Sacrasants move up the middle and behind the characters. Last but by no means list the surviving Sisters move into the top right quarter and Retrieve Octarius Data

Shooting is far more devastating this turn. The central Paragons have Blind Faith and Exceptional Proficiency, this effectively means they hit targets on 2s no matter what with reroll 1s from Vahl. They target the Tzaangors by the Prince with storm bolters and the Scarab Occult through the dense terrain (what's terrain when you have blind faith), the Tzaangors are destroyed but due to -1 damage being placed on the Scarab Occult they only remove 2 of them. The far right unit with full rerolls plays Suffer not the Witch, the storm bolters pick up 4 Rubric Marines and the multi meltas drop another 3 Scarab Occult. Morvenn Vahl wounds a Scarab Occult and the 2 pesky Rubrics on the left are killed by melta. 

Charge phase, so Vahl charges forth... She was 4" away. She had to pass over dense so was - 2 I rolled 5, twice. Small unit of Sacrasants charge the Scarab Occult. 

Combat is short, it also involves a tactical error. So the Sacrasants kill a Scarab Occult and play Inviolate Shieldwall, this makes the -1 to wound. I lose only one, great they are tied up. The one I remove was basing the nearest Scarab Occult to the objective, he consolidates and by virtue of Objective Secured he takes it, costing me Stranglehold. Not the end of the world but could have been avoided, this is how we learn.

Mixed bag that turn, Morvenn not making it, was big. I got my second Retrieve Octarius Data and some Abhor The Witch and put some serious hurt onto James. 

2 Sisters mv
2 Sisters shoot n charge
2 Siste rend of turn


It was rough losing all my infantry on the bottom side of the board this turn but I suspected this might happen and it's why I pushed the rest of the infantry up to the top of the board. Hopefully, I can hang on a few more turns and keep scoring these points. I’ve set myself comfortably up for another Direct Assault (thanks to the Objective Secured Scarab Occult) another Stranglehold and with the Cabalistic Focus (Spell cannot be denied) I should get my 2nd Warpcraft.

I move the Predators up just past my home L-Blocker to draw line of sight on one of the units of Warsuits. Elsewhere my Scarabs stay in combat with the Sacresants. They should finish these off, especially if I can return one with Time Flux. The Daemon Prince flies over the ruin and gets ready to do some damage to the Warsuits.

2 TS mv

My Psychic phase… yeah let's not talk about this one...

My shooting phase is limited, the Rubrics do finish off the Battle Sisters at the top (it takes a charge for them as well though) and the Predators do manage to take down one of the Mace Paragon Warsuits. With that, straight into the charge phase.

2 TS end of turn 2

I charge the Tzaangors into the Warsuits, they should hold them up for a few turns. The Daemon prince charges into the Warsuits ready to rip them apart. And… only one… He does however, make all but 1 of his Invun saves in return and is sat on a healthy 7 wounds. With that we’ve scored all 9 points again and denied Dan some primary for his turn 3. Things are looking pretty good, I’m running out of models quicker than planned but hopefully my early lead is enough, especially going second for that turn 5 swing.

Turn three


Another great turn of denying, it's very much hurting James' damage output. The remaining sisters held up the Scarab Occult. The Demon Prince killed a Paragon in combat but otherwise we are mostly unscathed. Just the 5 primary this time. 

Command phase, the rerolls go on the Mace Paragons they are going to hunt the Prince. Morvenn has the passion placed on her. 

Movement phase the last unit of Sacrasants move up though the terrain toward the remaining Sacrab Occult, as does Vahl. The Mace Paragons move up to support the left suits, the right suits are locked in with a unit of Tzaangors and the characters hold the middle. At the end the 2 units of Zephyrim drop down one in the back left of James deployment zone, another in my drops into mine behind some LoS terrain. The one in James zone completes Retrieve Octarius Data

Shooting is brief, most targets are in combat. The Prince loses 3 wounds, the Tzaangors lose a lot and there is some plink damage on other bits. 

Charge phase is swift and brutal. Vahl and the Sacrasants make it to the remaining Scarab Occult and the Mace Paragons get to grips with the Demon Prince.

The fights are over swiftly Morvenn Vahl makes quick work of the remaining Scarab Occult. The Mace Paragons equally deal with the Prince, who comes back to life on a wound. 

A great turn stranglehold is back, I complete another Retrieve Octarius Data setting up for the last one and scored a lot for Abhor the Witch. James is running low on resources, let's see what he can muster. 

3 Sisters mv
3 Sisters shoot
3 Sisters charge


My armies started to buckle under the boot of the Adepta Sororitas. With my Scarab Occult Diminished and my Tzaangors all but all dead I’m looking really thin on the ground, my Predators reverse up to get line of sight on one of the other units of Warsuits.

Loosing all my Scarab Occult my Terminator Sorcerer wants Vengeance and boldly marches towards the Sacresants. The Demon Prince flies over towards the middle away from the Warsuits, with only 1 wound left from his Hourglass of Manat proc'ing I don't want to risk the overwatch, he's going to get himself a Hospitaller. My Rubrics line of ready to try and get rid of the last Warsuit.

3 TS mv

The rest of my turn is pretty quick from here, my Rubrics knock a few wounds off with a Smite and with their Soul Repear Cannon and manage another wound in close combat. The Demon Prince effortlessly slays the Hospitaller after doing a Mutated Landscapes on the central objective and the Predators charge into the Zephyrim after Dan saves both the Lascannons I put into his lone Warsuit. I figure Dan's going to charge the Predators next turn so I might as well get a few attacks in before. Gut-wrenchingly his Zephyrim do 6 wounds in return...

I claim my 3x3 points for Secondaries again and think If I few things go my way next turn I might actually be able to pull this off.

Turn four


Story of the game, denied a great deal of James powers again. Killed a Sorcerer in Terminator arm to boot. The sisters are moping up now. The big 15 on the primary. 

Command phase Sacrasants get all the buffs off to hunt the last witch. 

Movement the back unit of Zephyrim step over the line to get Retrieve Octarius Data, Paragons hold left objective with 1 unit moving back to the middle, right unit of Paragons moves to finish Tzaangors and block Rubric Marines. Morven Vahl takes up the centre with the cadre of characters. 

Not much shooting, last of the Tzaangors are gone and some bolt guns plink a wound from the Tzaangor Shaman. 

Charge and combat, just Sacrasants into the Exalted Sorcerer who they dispatch. Some token attacks from the Zephyrim into tanks. 

I score another stranglehold, I finish Retrieve Octarius Data and score another Abhor the Witch which is that one maxed. 

4 Sisters mv


It’s not looking good for the Thousand Sons. I’ve held on about as long as possible and my army has crumbled now. I send the Shaman over to the top right Objective, I have a couple of options either Mutate Landscapes and hope Dan doesn’t get a 5++ on his Deny. Or try and wipe the Sisters unit off and get the points for Direct Assault instead. I’m more tempted to try wipe the squad out as if he survives I can do Mutate Landscapes the next turn

4 TS and end t4

I move the Rubrics back into cover, I re-roll the Advance roll for a CP and get a 6 so they’re well out the way. This should let me get at least 5 points on the Primary for turn 5 if everything else dies.

My Shaman gets his Smite off and kills 2 of the Battle Sisters, he then charges and thankfully manages to kill the remaining 3 thanks to some fortuitous rolling.

That ends the turn and I get the Direct Assault points.

Turn five


This is a summary at this point. 15 primary and maxed on secondaries means there isn't much for me to do. I kill James Tzaangor Shaman with my Zephyrim and block him from doing anything meaningful. 


With only my lone Predator and Rubrics left, I move the Rubrics onto the objective for my 5 Primary points and end the game on 64:79 to the Adepta Sororitas.

End of turn 5

postgame Thoughts


A very solid game with my first win on the channel with Adeptus Sororitas so also great. The list did what it was designed to do, and was difficult to put down. 80% of the time I had a 2+ save, this was often stacked with a Feel No Pain. James played well and I am sure as he dissects the book he will find nastier combos. 

Sisters are a hard counter to psyker reliance. We worked out that of the 27 powers James attempted to cast I denied 19 of them, on average I should deny 9 of those, 11.5 using the 4+ deny strat every turn… So to say that I rolled above average would be an understatement.


Well, that was a rough Psychic game… I think had a few more of my powers gone off then I may have been able to contest the middle a bit more. Dan definitely got lucky with the ones he denied, I didn't got Dark Blessing or Weaver of Fates off all game, and with Sisters at Toughness 3 that Dark Blessing could have been brutal on those units of Sacresants. But that is the way it goes sometimes. There are swings and roundabouts with this as I did get every Time Flux spell off to bring back a Rubric or Scarab Occult back and got a handful of smites through too. It was definitely interesting seeing how strong the Sisters are agaisnt heavy Psychic armies.

This game was me trying out a few things out and my key takeaways are, Tzaangors probably aren't worth it in 20 man blobs and certainly not in the numbers I took them in. Predator Annhilators suffer from all the problems none-core vehicles suffer from in 9th Edition. Firing through those central woods meant I was hitting on 4’s most of the game. When they did go back down to 3’s they did start picking up Warsuits quite quickly though. I will try them again, I feel like they might have some use.

But the Scarab Occult are very resilient and the Rubrics held up well, especially for troops. I definitely need to work out some better Relic/Warlord Trait and Psychic Power combos. One step at a time I guess!

Final Scores