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Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Daughters of Khaine vs Legion of the First Prince – 2000 pts

Army LIsts

Daughters of Khaine
Khailebron Army 

Morathi Khaine - Spell (Mindrazor)

Morathi the Shadow Queen

Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood - Warlord (Mistress of Illusion) Artefact of Power (Whisperdeath) - Prayer (Martyr’s Sacrifice)

30 Witch Elves

10 Sisters of Slaughter

10 Sisters of Slaughter

10 Blood Sisters

5 Khinerai Heartrenders

Grand Strategy: Vendetta

Legions of Be'lakor

Legion of the First Prince 

Warlord Battalion

Be'lakor, The Dark Master [General]

Sloppity Bilepiper [Arcane Tome - Ghost-mist]


30 Plaguebearers

Battle Regiment Battalion

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage [Armour of the Pact]

3 Plague Drones

10 Bloodletters

10 Bloodletters

2 Skull Cannons

Triumph - Inspired

Grand Strategy - Hold the Line

Mission and Board

Battleplan - Power in Numbers

6 Objective markers are placed on the battlefield, 3 on the line of each player's deployment zone. 

Starting from the second battle round, at the end of each of their turns, a player may choose to destroy 1 or more objectives that they control. When an objective is burned, you score a number of points determined by how long a player has been controlling the objective, as shown below.

  • If a player gained control of the objective this turn, they score 1 point.
  • If they gained control of the objective at the end of their last turn, they score 2 points.
  • If they have controlled the objective for 3 consecutive turns, they score 4 points.
  • If they have controlled the objective from the first battle round up until the end of the fifth battler round, they score 8 points.


P1170542 (2)

Turn One


So James gives me first turn, and this is definitely his best decision - I only have the Skull Cannons to provide turn 1 damage, and it gives James the opportunity to get the double turn. I choose Ferocious Advance as my Battle Tactic for this turn, meaning I just have to run with 3 of my units and I score 2 points. Hero phase goes OK - I pass Mystic Shield and put it on the Plaguebearers, and that's about it. 

I'm very conservative when it comes to my movement, running my units but also not moving them too far up to try and prevent any turn 1 charges from James. Straight into shooting, and I have the CP to spare, so I use All Out Attack on the Skull Cannons to counter James' -1 to hit from Khailebron. I shoot into the Sisters of Slaughter and manage to kill 4, but the unit stays.

No charges to be made, so a pretty uneventful turn on my side. Over to James.



So Liam’s been very conservative in his turn 1. His Skull Cannons managed to plink a few Sisters of Slaughter but other than that not an awful lot has happened. I shift my army up in a similar fashion.

In my hero phase I put a Mystic Shield onto my Witch Elves and Liam denies my Black Horror of Ulga and Mind Razor spells. I also decide to teleport the now 6 strong Sister of Slaughter squad with my command ability “Masters of the Shadowpaths” and send them up to the top right corner. If I can pressure Liam's objectives early then I may be able to snag a couple of razes on his side before I pull the trigger on the objectives in my deployment zone.

I’ve picked the Ferocious Advance Battle Tactic this turn and advanced the Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood, the Witch Elves and remaining Sisters of Slaughter to score me my 2 points on this. Quite an easy one to score to be honest, especially turn one.

I drop my Khinerai Heartrenders with their Descend to Battle ability,  in the far right corner, alongside the teleported Sisters of Slaughter. My Blood Sisters advance up and hide, just behind their Queen.


Straight into the shooting phase, my Avatar, despite being animated this turn is in-fact out of range.. My Khinerai however are not and fire their Javelins. They manage to find their target and take down… nothing. Liam rolls pretty hot on his saves here and passes the 3 wounds that go through.

Feeling disappointed with failing in the shooting phase the Heartrenders charge straight into the Bloodletters. They manage to kill 3 Bloodletters but suffer 2 losses in return, unfortunately I didn't roll any 6’s for their Bladed Bucklers.

There ends a pretty uneventful turn for the both of us!

P1170548 (2)

Turn Two


I'm lucky enough to win the roll off for battle round 2, and take the first turn. I immediately pick Broken Ranks as my Battle Tactic this turn: Be'lakor should turn those Sisters of Slaughter into mincemeat! I try and cast all my powers this turn, but unfortunately thanks to both Be'lakor and the Bilepiper rolling double 1s on their first casting, nothing happens! And in 3.0, if a Wizard rolls a double 1 on a spell test, they Miscast, take D3 mortal wounds, and can't attempt to cast any more spells for the rest of the phase!

Movement phase and I move everything up: Be'lakor is thrown straight into the enemy lines whilst the Plague Drones move alongside him to charge into the Witch Elves. The Plaguebearers move up to stay within 9" of Be'lakor, acting as a bodyguard to him. The Skull Cannons move towards the flank, hoping to get a charge onto the Sisters of Slaughter that James teleported last turn.


Shooting Phase I manage to plink some wounds off the Cauldron but that's about it. Straight into the charge phase and I charge the Plague Drones into the Witch Elves, and Be'lakor into both the Witch Elves and the Sisters of Slaughter. The Skull Cannons unfortunately don't roll quite high enough to get into the Sisters of Slaughter, but enough to get into the Khinerai.

Be'lakor swings first and unfortunately doesn't manage to kill them all! I rolled pretty bad on my wound rolls which could cost me a few points. The Witch Elves strike back into the Plague Drones and kill one of them - Unfortunately thanks to the terrain I was only able to get a single Drone into range to attack, so I did minimal damage to them. The Skull Cannons luckily manage to wipe the remaining Khinerai, and shrug off the attacks from the Sisters of Slaughter. 

Luckily though, James fails his Battleshock on the Sisters and results in them being wiped out - I don't score 3 points on it as it wasn't a Monster who destroyed them, but at least I still get 2. Back to James.



Liam won the roll off so he’s first up and responds as expected, thrusting Bel’akor into my lines and responding to my top right corner threat. I lost my Khinerai and thankfully to a failed Bravery test the central unit of Sisters of Slaughter, unbelievably Bel’akor failed to kill them outright with his combat attacks. I have the Monstrous Takeover Battle Tactic so its critical that I take Liam's objective in the top right.

In my hero phase I get all my powers off this time including Mindrazor onto the Witch Elves. I use the Martyred Prayer on them too. I then activate my Command Ability “Orgy of Slaughter '' from the Cauldron and fight with the Witch Elves who butcher the remaining Plague Drones and strip a few wounds off Be'lakor.

DoK M2

Into the movement phase I send Morathi up to assist the dead Khinerai and the Sisters of Slaughter. The Blood Sisters move up and get ready to charge into the Plaguebearers. I'm not 100% sure how well they’ll do, the last time I fought Plaguebearers they were in a Nurgle only army and they were unbelievably hard to kill - let alone with Be'lakor resurrecting D3 a turn! Other than that I don't have much else to move so straight into the charge phase. Morathi swoops into the Skull Cannons and the Blood Sisters charge into the Plague Bearers. I ensure I have one model within 3” of Morathi, Shadow Queen to make sure they're getting the extra attack from the Fury of the Shadow Queen ability. 


Morathi chooses to do the Stomp Monstrous Rampage and deals 2 mortal wounds onto the Skull Cannons.

I chose to strike with the Witch Elves first, Be'lakor can do some scary damage and I want to make sure I can do as much damage as possible. Unfortunately I didn't succeed and only managed to inflict 4 wounds. I then go with my Blood Sisters who do a fair number to the Plaguebearers but I'm worried that this is going to turn into a bit of a slog-fest in the middle.

The final point of note is Morathi managing to decapitate one of the Skull Cannons and all but one of the Bloodletters (who thankfully is about to runaway). It's my first time running her with her new Warscroll and boy has it been improved.

Once the dust has settled I burn the top right objective once I have taken off of the Khorne Daemons and score my points for the Monstrous Takeover Battle Tactic (thanks to Morathi Shadow Queen counting as 5 models.) It’s been a pretty successful turn for me and if I can edge out a double turn for round 3 I think I'll have this in the bag. I roll my dice… and get a 5….

P1170555 (2)

Turn Three


And I roll a 6! Feeling incredibly lucky, I take the turn and immediately start on my Hero Phase. I choose Monstrous Takeover as my Battle Tactic for this turn, meaning I really need those Witch Elves gone. Unfortunately my bad luck on spells seem to keep being a thing, as I'm only able to pass Arcane Bolt on Be'lakor. I perform Heroic Recovery on Be'lakor and manage to heal back 2 wounds. This guy is an absolute tank in his own legion, he can just survive for days!

Movement phase, I move the Bloodthirster up, but otherwise keep everything in combat that's already there. At the end of the phase I also manage to roll a 13 on the summoning roll, and summon 10 Bloodletters onto the bottom right objective. And with my Skull Cannons now destroyed, there's no shooting for me to do this turn. 


Straight into the charge phase and I charge the Bloodthirster into the Witch Elves to help free Be'lakor. I also charge Skulltaker into the remaining Sisters of Slaughter on the right flank.

I attack with the Bloodthirster first, and thanks to All Out Attack, he does a monstrous amount of damage! This guy is an absolute beast when he rolls hot. Skulltaker takes a few wounds as the Sisters attack him, but nothing he can't handle. And thanks to a 6 on the hit roll, he kills all 6 Sisters when he swings! Be'lakor also swings and manages to do a few more wounds to the Witch Elves, enough to mean a Battleshock test is disastrous for them. The Plaguebearers and the Blood Sisters stay locked in combat for now, proving just how tanky Nurgle's chosen are!

I'm successful in scoring the points for Monstrous Takeover, and I burn the two Objectives that I've been holding since the beginning of the game as well as the one in the bottom right corner to score me a total of 9 extra points. Back to James.

*NOTE* We played the Roar Monstrous Rampage wrong in this game, and thought it lasted until the end of the turn instead of just the Fight Phase. We didn't know this at the time, and apologise for the error we made in this game!

P1170557 (2)


Liam had used the Monstrous Rampage Roar onto my Witch Elves so I’m unable to use All Out Defense or Insane Bravery on them and I lose all of them in his turn. In my hero phase I use the command ability “Masters of the Shadowpaths” to send Morathi Khaine near her counterpart to score myself the Savage Spearhead Tactic

I push the Cauldron around the other side of the objective so I’m in range of the re-summoned Bloodletters now my Avatar is permanently Animated. Unfortunately I can't do anything with Morathi, Shadow Queen as Liam has activated his Dark Master ability and has rolled a 3+ for the Hero Phase and Movement Phase. This is particularly frustrating as getting another round of attacks with my Blood Sisters with Morathi Khaine's Worship Through Bloodshed ability would have really let me put the pressure on the Plaguebearers and potentially freed myself from them.

Unfortunately Liam rolls another 3+ in the charge and fight phases and my Shadow Queen is left standing with her mouth wide open doing nothing this turn.

My Blood Sisters fight into the Plaguebearers, but as with previous turns they manage to not do too much with the constant D3 models being resurrected. Knowing that Liam will easily be able to grab my objectives this turn, I also burn all the ones I control to score an extra 8 points, meaning none are left on the battlefield. And with that, that ends my turn.

Turn four


I win the roll off again! Man, that ability to revive D3 of my battleline models per unit on a 3+ is so strong right now, keeping those Blood Sisters locked in a never ending combat with the Plaguebearers. I pick Slay the Warlord as my Battle Tactic, as his Cauldron of Blood is looking like easy pickings for my Monsters right now. 

I move everything up ready to charge into him, and Skulltaker moves up to the Blood Sisters - let's see if he can keep his damage output up. Straight into the charge phase and they're all successful, and I opt to fight with Skulltaker first. And thanks to some incredible rolling, he wipes the entire unit! I've been sleeping on this guy - he wasn't even meant to be in the list at first, but I'm starting to be convinced!


James attacks with his Cauldron into the Bloodthirster, and rolls pretty well on the hit and wound steps. However, thanks to the Armour of the Pact and some AMAZING rerolls, the Bloodthirster only takes 7 wounds! Both him and Be'lakor swing into the Cauldron and effortlessly destroy her. I score 3 points due to slaying his General with one of my Monsters, and am feeling pretty confident about the end of this game. Back to James.



Skulltaker is certainly taking skulls, wiping out all my Blood Sisters in one swing.

With the Dark Masters tricks over I jump straight into my Hero Phase and Morathi Khaine fires off a Black Horror of Ulga into Skulltaker and prepares an Arcane Bolt.

I move the Shadow Queen over the ruins and gets ready to strike out at the Plaguebearers and score me the Broken Ranks Battle Tactic (As I’ve picked his Plaguebearers)

She succeeds, and the more she fights the more impressive the Shadow Queen is looking. Morathi Khaine charges into Skulltaker and unleashes her Arcane Bolt she’d previously stored and finishes off the Khorne Hero.


Turn FIve


I win the roll off again... I'm just clearly blessed by the Chaos Gods at this point. There's no way of me killing Morathi now, so all there's left to do is just try and deny James some points. And how do I do this? By running away of course!  

I pick Savage Spearhead as my Battle Tactic and easily score 3 points on it. If I can keep my Bloodletters alive and score Hold the Line, I should win this game!


We talk it through and realise the only possible way I can pull out a draw is by either killing Liam's Warlord and taking the win, scoring my Vendetta Grand Strategy and Slay the Warlord Battle Tactic, which is now impossible as Liam has run Be'lakor away to the bottom left corner.

Therefore, my only possible way out of a loss is killing Liam's last Battleline unit, the last unit of non-summoned Bloodletters and denying him his Hold the Line Grand Strategy. The Shadow Queen knows her quarry and swoops over to them and with a 10” charge succeeds in making it to them. She effortlessly dispatches them and with that we end at 24:24 a piece and our first game of 3rd edition ends as a draw. And what a close game it was!

Postgame Thoughts


It feels great to be playing Age of Sigmar again! The new rules definitely feel solid, and show how they've tried to mitigate how devastating going second is; James went second every turn and still managed to secure a draw. I didn't manage to make the most of my summoning abilities as I simply didn't have the models ready, but once I do, I can't wait to be able to use this army to its full effectiveness.

Massive thanks to James for the game, and I look forward to the next one!


Honestly, had Liam had more demonic units to summon in his pool I think he would have absolutely ran away with this. My Daughters of Khaine just don't have the staying power against the summons. We saw how easily Liam was able to plant a unit on my open objective and Raze it immediately, denying me those points.

I was definitely rusty this game, and going back over it there were things I would have done differently. Similarly, the army works slightly different to the old Battletome and I need to get a new hand over the army. Finally Morathi, Shadow Queen is an absolute beast! She's so much more deadly than I'm used to and definitely worth her high price tag of 660 points.

A great return to Sigmar and thanks Liam for the great game!