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Warhammer 40k – World Eaters vs Necrons 2000 Points

Army Lists

Chaos Space Marines - World Eaters


HQ1: Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour
HQ2: Daemon Prince [Helforged Sword, Talisman of Burning Blood, Violent Urgency]

TROOPS 1: Khorne Berserkers x5 [Icon of Wrath, Chainaxes, Chainswords, Power Fist]

TROOPS 2: Khorne Berserkers x5 [Icon of Wrath, Chainaxes, Chainswords, Power Fist]

TROOPS 3: Khorne Berserkers x5 [Icon of Wrath, Chainaxes, Chainswords, Power Fist]

TROOPS 4: Khorne Berserkers x5 [Icon of Wrath, Chainaxes, Chainswords, Power Fist]

TROOPS 5: Chaos Space Marines x5 [Chainswords, Bolt Pistols]
TROOPS 6: Chaos Space Marines x5 [Chainswords, Bolt Pistols]

DT1: Chaos Rhino

DT2: Chaos Rhino

DT3: Chaos Rhino


HQ1: Kharn the Betrayer

ELITES 1: Chaos Terminators [Red Butchers, Power Axes, Combi Bolters, Chainfist on Sgt, Icon of Wrath]

TROOPS 1: Chaos Space Marines x5 [Chainswords, Bolt Pistols]

TROOPS 2: Khorne Berserkers x8 [Chainaxes, Chainswords]

HEAVY SUPPORT 1: Chaos Land Raider


James' Necrons - 9CP - 2000pts

Novokh Battalion


Overlord on Catacomb Command Barge - Resurrection Orb, Staff of Light, Warlord, Enduring Will, Voltaic Staff

Chronomancer - Entropic Lance

Plasmancer - Veil of Darkness

Skorpekh Lord - (Extra Warlord Trait) - Honourable Combatant.


5x Immortals - Gauss Blasters

5x Immortals - Gauss Blasters

5x Immortals - Tesla Carbines


Hexmark Destroyers - Conflagration Gauntlet

6 Skorpekh Destroyers


C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon


3 Ophydian Destroyers

3 Ophydian Destroyers

8 Canoptek Scarabs


Annihilation Barge

Annihilation Barge


Pregame Thoughts


Firstly, I adore Liam's World Eaters. They're amazingly painted and Titusmps did a fantastic job on the commission. It's always a pleasure to face them on the board.

I’ve brought the Necrons out today and taken quite a heavy combat army. With my two hammers with the Void Dragon and the 6 Skorpekh Destroyers I’m going to be leaning heavily into using them to take Liam's Berserkers out before he can fight me first. If I can pop his vehicles and Land Raider in my turn this should prove quite successful.

To round off the list I've taken the core 3x5 Immortals and 2 Annihilation Barges. I’ve found the Annihilation Barges very good recently and they are slowly becoming something I take in every list. I’ve also brought a Plasmancer, who I don't think I’ve ever used! I’m curious to see how he does and whether his Harbinger of Destruction ability does much. 

This is definitely a game I'm going into with the upper hand - Chaos Space Marines aren't in the best state at the moment, but Liam's very good with this army and I've learnt historically never to underestimate the raw strength of the Berserkers.


Back again with the angry lads! I've changed up the list since last time, dropping the Brass Scorpion and instead taking more infantry, and another big bad vehicle: the Land Raider! I know guys, he's not great and very expensive, but there's not many things cooler than a Land Raider filled with Berserkers and Kharn the Betrayer!

Looking at James' list, since most of my damage is in a single phase, I'm simply just going to have to ignore the C'tan. This may come back to bite me, but I'd rather focus on killing everything else, as the C'tan is a single model: at the end of the day, he can only hold 1 objective. I go for No Prisoners this game, as with the multitude of regenerating wounds that James has, I can comfortably farm points on this secondary. Priority Targets is an easy pick, as is Stranglehold; here's hoping I can score more on it this time than before against Joe's Death Guard!

The Mission and Board


Chapter Approved

2021 Priority Targets



Area Terrain (Ruins)

Scaleable, Breachable Light Cover, Defensible, Obscuring


Area Terrain (Hills)

Scaleable, Breachable, Light Cover, Obscuring


Area Terrain (Crater)

Dense Cover, Light Cover, Difficult Ground




Turn one


Alright, first turn! I want to get as much early board presence as possible, so I move all the vehicles up towards the centre of the board. The Land Raider gets a nice angle on the Scarabs, one of the Rhinos moves onto the centre objective, whilst another Rhino and the Daemon Prince advance up onto the bottom right objective out of line of sight. 

Psychic phase... sorry, what's that?

1 WE Move

The shooting phase isn't incredibly eventful, but the Lascannons and the Heavy Bolters from the Land Raider open up onto the Scarabs, and actually manage to do a fair bit of work! 4 Scarab bases go splat, and James manages to reanimate a single base. I'm already at 16 on the tally for No Prisoners, so I feel I should get a fair few more points as the game progresses.

No charges to be made yet, I'll have to be patient before doing what my army is designed to do. Over to James!

1 WE End of Turn


Thankfully, due to my deployment I managed to not lose a unit, this should give me an easy 3 points this turn for Grind Them Down if I can take out his central Rhino. I did lose 3 Scarabs (one managed to Re-animate) which was fortunate because it has given me an extra couple of inches of movement. 

Caution is the name of the game this turn and I budge up most of my army less than their full movement. Poking out both the Annihilation Barges and the Void Dragon to get within sight of the centre of the board. All of my remaining Scarabs use their full movement ready to move block and generally get in the way. My Skorpekh hide behind the large ruin/hill ready to jump onto the Land Raider in the next turn. My Plasmancer attempts to shock the Rhino with his Harbringer of Destruction Ability but rolls no 4+ so fails to do any mortal wounds.

1 Necron Move

My shooting phase doesn't go… amazingly as it takes nearly my whole army to kill the Rhino (this was with my C’tan using BOTH of  his Voltaic Storm and Antimatter Meteor on it too.) Liam rolls two 1’s on exiting the Rhino and manages to fail another save against my Immortals but passes the rest!

Straight into the Charge Phase - my Scarabs chase down the Berserkers that fell out of the Rhino, and successfully kill them all with the help of the Self Destruction stratagem. Chaos Space Marines really need those 2 wounds already - it didn't quite feel right my little Scarabs taking down 5 of Khornes Beserkers. I pile into the Chaos Space Marines to ensure they can't do anything too exciting next turn and take 3 wounds for my troubles.

1 Necron Charge

I score my 3 for Priority Targets and thanks to taking the Rhino down I score my Grind Them Down for this turn too.

Turn Two


A bunch of Scarabs wiping a unit of my Berserkers?! The day can't come soon enough when these guys have 2 wounds each. James has done a good job blocking my movement this turn, although I spend 2CP on Insane Bravery on the unit of Chaos Space Marines that exited the Rhino last turn, ensuring I score Stranglehold again this turn. The Land Raider and the Daemon Prince move up to the Scarabs, and Kharn the Betrayer moves up to the inner corner of the ruin, ready to charge. 

I decide not to bring in the Red Butchers this turn; I need them to be attacking something juicier than Scarabs, and without the +1 to charge provided by the Daemon Prince, I'm not going to risk them failing the charge and just horribly dying in the retaliation. 

2 WE Move

Shooting phase arrives, and my Land Raider only has two targets available to him; the Immortals, or the Void Dragon. I know the Dragon heals wounds when he destroys vehicles, and since he can only take a maximum of 3 wounds per phase thanks to his Necrodermis, there's no point putting firepower into him, and I unload into the Immortals. However, I get a bit unlucky on the rolls, and only manage to kill 3 of the 5 Immortals, but it's a start!

The charge phase arrives, and I charge the Land Raider, Kharn, the Daemon Prince AND the Rhino all into the Scarabs! I charged all my vehicles in too simply to get some extra movement when Kharn (hopefully) wipes the squad. 

Onto the combat phase, and as expected, Kharn performs admirably and wipes the Scarabs from the face of the earth! I use the extra movement provided from my pile in and consolidates to get more models onto the centre of the board, and with the death of the Scarabs, I'm, now up to 39 on my No Prisoners tally. I score another 3 points on both Stranglehold (thanks to some Chaos Space Marines in the bottom right corner) and Priority Targets. Back to James.

2 WE End of turn


This is always the turn I worry about most against Liam’s World Eaters, usually it's the turn he brings his Terminators down and empties all his Transports. However, not this game as Liam plays it pretty conservatively, holding his Chaos Terminators in deep strike for another turn and keeping a lot of his units in their metal boxes. His shooting phase comes and he barely manages to kill a unit of Immortals, I roll some pretty hot saves on them and after my re-animation I am left with 2 out of my unit of 5. With Liam's charge and fight phases, I’ve managed to keep all my assets alive having only lost my Scarabs. This should be another easy Grind Them Down turn for me.

This works out pretty well for me as it should mean I can dictate the flow of combat this turn and assure my Skorpekh trade out favourably. I drop the Ophydians behind Liam's far objective in the corner ready to charge his Chaos Space Marines. I converge on the middle with the rest of my force, holding the Immortals and Annihilation Barges back to block off any good charges from his Terminators still in deep strike. My Void Dragon shuffles up ready to pounce on that encroaching Rhino. He uses both his C’tan powers on the Rhino, the Antimatter Meteor fails but the Voltaic Storm manages to strip another 3 wound off of it. The Plasmancers fires his Harbringer of Destruction ability and this time rolls hot and does 3 mortal wounds to the Land Raider.

2 Necrons Move

Straight into the shooting phase I use every gun and stratagem I can to bring down the Land Raider. And it just about manages to break as both my Void Dragon and Chronmancer miss; as they both do D3+3 damage with the Entropic Lance and Spear of the Void Dragon respectively, it really made it too close. 

With that, it's on to the charge phase. This turn is Destroyer turn as my Ophydians easily roll their charge onto the back unit of Chaos Space Marines, getting a +1 thanks to the Novokh trait - Awakened by Murder. My Skorpekh run into the large unit of Berserkers that popped out of the Land Raider and the Void Dragon goes into the Rhino.

The fight phase goes as expected, the Skorpekh and Void Dragon rip apart their targets. Liam does use the Counter-Offensive stratagem onto the Chaos Space Marines to attack the Ohypdians, with the vast amount of attacks the World Eaters get he does manage to take one of the Destroyers down. In their retaliation I do use the Blood Rites stratagem onto the Ohypdians for an additional attack to ensure even with some bad rolling I will 100% kill those Marines. It proves worth it as with some poor wound rolls I have to rely on the Flensing Claws attacks to finish them off.

A pretty strong turn 2 for me, I secured the 2nd round for Grind Them Down, I pushed the World Eaters out of 2 quarters for Purge The Vermin and secured the 3 points for Priority Targets. I'm now in a good position Turn 3 to really push into the mid board.

Turn Three


Wow! James has an absolutely brutal turn and destroys nearly all of my transports. Luckily, I still have most of my infantry remaining! I move a unit of Berserkers back to retake the objective in the bottom right, and some Berserkers ready to charge the Skorpekh. The Daemon Prince advances and flies over the Destroyers and sits on top of the terrain piece, where the Red Butchers arrive ready to wreak havoc. Kharn has also moved up, hoping to make a lengthy charge into the Skorpekh Lord.

Inked3 WE Movement_LI

Shooting phase is underwhelming to say the least. James' Hexmark manages to kill one of my Terminators after they deepstrike, and I go ahead and fire all their combi bolters into the Immortals and only manage to kill two.

Straight into the charge phase, and luckily my Red Butchers pass the charge into the Skorpekh! The Berserkers also charge in, and the Daemon Prince charges into the Command Barge. The Berserkers on the bottom right also make the charge into the Ophydians. However, due to an awful charge roll, Kharn fails the charge into the Immortals and Skorpekh Lord, and James promptly Heroically Intervenes with his Void Dragon. It's not looking good for him.

Fight phase, and I fight first with the Red Butchers. They're successful in killing 5 of the Skorpekh, and James then reanimates 2. This is what I meant by farming No Prisoners tallies; I can now score a potential 6 extra on the tally just because he's playing Necrons! 

Unfortunately, James spends 2CP to interrupt and wipes the unit of Berserkers in combat with the Skorpekh. But with the second round of combat, the Butchers wipe the Skorpekh and the Berserkers kill the Ophydians. Kharn is unfortunately slain, but Khorne cares not!

The Daemon Prince attacks into the Command Barge, and thanks to Quantum Shielding, does absolutely nothing... I love my Daemon Prince, but unfortunately I always find him incredibly underwhelming. To add insult to injury he takes 6 damage for his troubles

End of the turn, I score 3 more on Priority Targets, unfortunately fail Stranglehold, and put my No Prisoners tally up to 65.

3 WE Charge
3 WE End of Turn


Liam's Red Butcher Terminator's arrival was guaranteed this turn, I did think he might try to come behind me into my Priority Target objective but I think he was more worried about the Skorpekh running rampant. I used the Aetheric Interception stratagem and set my Hexmark Destroyer up behind my Immortals but still within 12” of Liam's Red Butchers and shot his pistols into them. He manages to kill 1 and half. 

I had some fantastic luck with Kharn failing his charge, this let my Void Dragon Heroically intervene and cut him down. Similarly, with the Whirling Blades and Counter-Offensive stratagems it allowed enough of my Skorpekh to live to completely kill his unit of Berserkers that charged them and take a couple of the Red Butchers out too.

As this all happened in Liam's turn, this has set me up amazingly well going into my turn 3. This is my game to lose now to be honest. The issue with the Khorne Berserkers is that they are Liam's units he needs to trade, but they're also the main damage source in his army. With 1 wound a piece the can’t even stand up to a Novokh Scarab unit or Immortal unit.

My Catacomb Command Barge falls back and my Plasmancer fires off another Harbinger of Destruction and brings down the Daemon Prince and my Void Dragon and Skorpekh Lord Converge on the Red Butchers. By the end of the shooting phase Liam has only a handful of Chaos Marines, a Terminator Lord and only four Red Butchers remaining.

8DSl41XQ (2)

Both my Skorpekh Lord and Void Dragon make their short charges into the Red Butchers and finish them off.  My Ohydians are caught in the open as they'd failed their charge.

I end the turn with another 3 points on Grind Them Down, another 4 points on Purge The Vermin and the 3 for Priority Targets.

Turn Four


Alright, time to do my best to do as much damage as possible before I'm tabled! Everything moves up ready to charge nearby threats, except for the Rhino which sits back on the Priority objective. 

4 Move

Straight into the charge phase, and both my Terminator lord and the Berserkers in the middle charge the Skorpekh Lord. More Berserkers also charge the Ophydians down in the bottom right. And thanks to being absolute beasts in melee, I wipe all the units that I'm in combat with! Unfortunately it probably won't be enough to win me the game, but atleast I took em down with me. Back to James!


Massive credit to Liam, he never gives up when he is on the back foot and his Berserkers mercilessly slay the Skorpekh lord due to some very poor saving throws!

It’s mostly finished here so a bit of a summary, my Void Dragon finishes off the Rhino and the Terminator Lord with his C'tan powers and I set myself up for a Turn 5 kill on the Chaos Space Marine (as my Annihilation Barge just misses out on killing the last one even charging into him and flailing around with its 3 close combat attacks.)

I end the turn with 6 points on Purge the Vermin and 3 on Priority Targets. Liam managed to score 3 kills with his Berserkers and Chaos Lord so no Grind Them Down this turn.

4 Necron Charge

Turn Five


So uh... I have a single Marine left standing. 

There's a chance!


The last turn ends with the Void Dragon summoning the largest Antimatter Meteor you've ever seen to kill the biggest threat in Liam's army… a single Chaos Space Marine.


Nevermind. He was doomed.

5 End

With that the end score is 97:71.

Post Game Thoughts


Firstly, I was very impressed with the Plasmancer, his Plasmic Lance weapon is nothing to complain about but the consistent mortal wounds he puts out is great. Would I take him in my top lists? I'm not sure, but if I had 70pts spare I'd definitely consider it. Mortal wounds continue to be a very reliable way to kill incredibly stacked units like Lucius Skitarii or Deathwing Knights, so maybe he finds himself a place in the meta?

The Void Dragon was amazing, and I often find in some games he really carries it. However, it has to be said in others he just falls and dies by turn 2. With the prevalence of Mortal Wounds in other phases (Death Guard with their relic Grenade and Drukhari and Ad Mech in the Movement phase) I can see why more people have turned to taking the Silent King for not that much more investment. 

Liam gave it a really good go but the World Eaters unfortunately really don't have the staying power we both agree they need. I feel he played very well and his 71 points definitely reflect that. All in all a great game!


Honestly, I just can't wait for the day Chaos Space Marines finally get their codex. With only having 1 wound on my Marines, I really can't afford to be doing reckless charges, as even Scarabs are ripping apart my Berserkers like they were Guardsmen. But at least I took a good chunk of the Necrons with me!

That being said, I'm always happy with how my Berserkers and Red Butchers perform. I just love the absolutely huge amounts of damage they dish out in melee, even with such an old codex.

Thanks again to James for a great game, see you all next time!

Final Scores