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Warhammer 40k – Black Templars vs Adepta Sororitas 2000 Points

Army Lists

Black Templars

James' Black Templars - 8CP - 1999 Pts


Chaplain Grimaldus

Primaris Lieutenant - Aurelian Shroud

Primaris Chaplain on Bike - (Warlord) - Master of Sanctity Litany of Divine Protection, Ancient Breviary, Ancient Breviary, Rites of War.


10 Assault Intercessors

10 Intercessors - Assault Bolt Rifles

5 Assault Intercessors


5 Bladeguard Veterans

Judiciar - Oathkeeper

Primaris Apothecary - Chief Apothecary, Selfless Healer, Crusaders Helm

Redemptor Dreadnought - Heavy Onslaught, Onslaught, Fragstorm Grenades, Icarus Rocket Pod

Redemptor Dreadnought - Heavy Onslaught, Onslaught, Fragstorm Grenades

8 Assault Terminators - 1 Pair Lightning Claws, 7 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields

Dedicated Transport


Adepta Sororitas

Dan's Adepta Sororitas  - 9CP - 2000pts  

Valorous Heart Battalion


Morvenn Vahl - Warlord 

Cannoness - Chainsword, Brazier of Fire, Inferno Pistol, Eclisarchs Fury, Emperor Grace Blessing


20 Battle Sisters 4 Artificer Storm Bolters, Simulacrum 

2 x 5 Battle Sisters


2 x 3 Paragon Warsuits, Multi Meltas, Storm Bolters, Paragon Warblades. 

1x3 Paragon Warsuits, Multi Melta, Paragon Warmace

Hospitaller, - Book of St Lucius

Diologus -  Sigil of the Ecclesiasticus

10 Zephyrim - Banner of the Superior, Blessing of Sebastian Thor 


4 Penitent Engines, Ministorum Heavy Flamers, Flails. 

Dans Army (2)

Pregame thoughts


So first run out against the new Sisters, I haven't had a chance to get mine out yet so excited to see how they do. I know Dan’s running A LOT of the new Paragon Warsuits and his Multi-Meltas will rip my Dreadnoughts apart, even if I manage to get the Litany of Divine Protection on them. 

Similarly, their weapons are all at least damage 2 so my Intercessors are also going to be worried. Morvenn Vahl has also turned up and I know she makes them that much more efficient. Valorous Heart is also going to be very painful with all my AP 1 and 2 weapons (Which is most of the army!) Should be an interesting game all around! Sisters Vs Templars - Definitely a battle of who is more faithful!

I've taken Priority Targets, as its a ludicrously easy one to achieve, Bring it Down due to Dan's 14 vehicles and Oaths of Moment. Oaths is usually a good pick but here Dan has a lot of vehicle units and characters so as long as I can stay near the middle I should be getting 3 points a turn on this at least.


Taking the Sisters out again, no real adjustments from my last game, still testing out combos and getting hang of the book. There will be a lot of combat this game so I am taking The Passion as my Sacred Rite. 

So this will be tough, James is a great player and Black Templars are his army. It's been a while since I last played his Black Templars, I remember them being surprisingly fast with several "gotcha" tactics - I will need to be switched on. 

I've taken Sacred Grounds, that worked out great last game, Priority Targets and Stranglehold as there are 5 objectives.

Secondary Picks


  • Oaths of Moment
  • Proirity Targets
  • Bring It Down


  • Priority Targets
  • Sacred Grounds
  • Stranglehold



Grand Tournament 2021 Pack

33. Priority Targets

Won Roll-off - James

Picked Deployment - James

First Turn - James


Deployment (2)

Turn one


Start of my Command Phase I open up with my Litanies. Grimaldus fails his Canticle of Hate but gets his Litany of Hate and my Chaplain on Bike gets both the Litany of Divine Protection and Fires of Devotion. I put the Divine Protection on the Dreadnought who might be able to be targeted and the Fires of Devotion onto the Terminators. I also use the Aurelian Shroud this turn, keeping all my central units with 3” of the Lieutenant. If Dan can draw line of sight on my Dreads the 4+ Invulnerable Save will be very useful, if not at least my Intercessors will get a save against the Meltas! Finally I activate Wisdom of the Ancients on the central Redemptor to allow this central force to reroll 1’s to wound and 1’s to hit now.

So I move out cautiously with most of my force, hiding behind the main ruin in the middle of the board. I've got both my Dreadnoughts in line of sight of the big 20 Sisters unit. I then throw my Impulsor up onto the objective. Both my Bladeguard and Judiciar advance out - I use the Black Templar Chapter Tactics to re-roll both so I can get with 3” of the nearest Paragon Warsuit unit. My idea is to tag this unit and possibly his Penitent Engines to stop them from targeting the rest of the army in the back field.

My shooting phase comes on very strong as both Dreadnoughts combined with the Intercessor Squad dispatch the entire 20 Battle Sister Squad. There are a few other shots here and there but nothing else is slain.

Into my Charge Phase - No charges but we are planning on fighting this turn! In my fight phase I activate Devout Push on my Bladeguard and pile into the Paragon Warsuits. With a good hit and wound rolls I get enough to take 2 down… I forget they reduce damage by 1 so I only down 1! They do hit back but with Transhuman Physiology they only get 2 damage through. I decided not to pile into the Penitent Engines. 

At the time I was thinking “I need my Bladeguard as healthy as possible” but really they were a sacrificial unit to tag his units up and stop them shooting the rest of my army so I absolutely should have gone into the Penitents. Similarly, as I didn’t charge them (only piled in with Devout Push) they would not have got their re-rolls from Zealot. This was a mistake that cost me the next turn…

I get 3 points for Priority Targets and only 1 Point for Bring It Down. At the end of the round I score 2 points for Oath for being wholly in the middle of the board.


Again the 20 Sisters go down to concentrated fire, I think this will be my first change to my list, they are difficult to hide and such a big unit is easy to focus down. James also used Devout Push and killed a Warsuit with his Bladeguard.

Command phase I give Morvenn's rerolls to the far right Paragon Warsuits. The Diologus buffs the storm bolters of the same unit and gives an extra attack to the Penitent Engines. 

Movement wise Morvenn comes across to support the 2 Warsuit units to deal with the Bladeguard, Judiciar and Impulsor. The Penitent Engines move up to the block of Intercessors in the middle and the Paragons go behind to set up a pick off on a Dread. 

Shooting goes as planned, giving the Penitent max shots the kill all but 1 of the Intercessors (48 Heavy Flamer hits). The Suits in combat shoot and kill 3 of the 4 remaining Bladeguard. Morvenn and the other 3 Warsuits unload their full payloads into the Impulsor and the Judiciar and smoke both of them. 

Combat is short and snappy with the Mace Suits killing the last remaining Bladeguard. James does Devout Push his Terminators at the beginning of the fight phase, this is unexpected but actually nets him 2 points for Oath of Moment and gets him closer to my lines. They're going to hurt when they hit...

A good turn, I get Sacred Ground for 1 with the objective in my deployment zone and Priority Targets for 3. However,.. I have made a grave tactical error and I think I am about to get punished for it... 

turn two


Yup, hindsight really is 20:20 - his Penitents used Cleansed By Fire and with max shots on their flamers completely annihilated my Intercessor unit. I also lost my Bladeguard and Judiciar - this was expected and definitely why I should have touched his Penitents too - I was always going to lose this unit in turn 2 no matter what. I also lost my Impulsor which suffered over 25 damage from Multi-Meltas!

I advance into the Tactical Doctrine and I start off the turn with my Litanies, everythings going onto the Terminator Squad. Grimaldus passes both his Litanies this turn which is great news.

He runs up into the ruin, as do my Assault Intercessors and Primaris Lieutenant and Apothecary. My first Dreadnought also walks into the ruins too - giving him line of sight of much more. My Terminators advance and use the Black Templars Chapter Tactic to get a further movement. I also use Shock and Awe so they can advance and charge.

BT Move 2

My shooting phase is next (we Templars don't believe in warp trickery) and my Dreadnoughts unload into the Penitent Engines. With some other random shots from the rest of my army I whittle them down to just 1 and a bit left. Other than that, I don't really have anything to shoot so I go straight into my charge phase.

My Terminators charge in, and with the +2” to charge from Grimaldus' Canticle of Hate they easily make it in. I make sure I tail back with the Sergeant to let the unit benefit from the Litany of Hate aura. With 4 attacks each I split them by putting: 3 into the 2 Warsuit Unit and 4 into the 3 Warsuit Unit. With Grimaldus’ auras they effortlessly dispatch both units and I've really put the pressure on Dan now. Dan interrupts with the Penitent Engines but unfortunately they barely kill 1 ½ Intercessors. My Intercessors swing back and kill the last two Engines. They push out a bit further with a consolidation move and form a wall between the Warsuits and my characters. 

It's a good turn and I score a staggering 9 points for Bring It Down, 3 for Priority Targets again and lets see at the end of the round what I get for Oath of Moment and if Dan can push me off the middle of the board!

BT Charge and Fight 2


Yeah I got punished for it, I should have activated my miracle to deny James rerolls and put in a move blocker near my Suits. I didn't do this and James buffed his 8 Terminators to the hills, advanced and charged with The Emperors Will and killed 5 of my suits…. Ouch, even worse I'm hemmed in again. I also lost my Penitent Engines so resources are tight. 

Command phase, Morvenn puts her Commander of the Adepta Sororitas onto the last unit of Paragon Warsuits, the Diologus gives them War Hymn and uses Righteous Repugnance on them to improve their Storm Bolters. I also activate my Miracle (The Emperors Grace) to stop James' rerolls (a turn late). 

Movement is scarce: Sisters fall back from the Chaplain, the Canoness tries to fall back from the Terminators but they stop her with the Tenacious Assault stratagem. Morvenn moves close to the Terminators and the Paragon Warsuits move to the centre to deal with another wave of Intercessors and Redemptor Dreadnought. The Zephyrim come down aiming to help with the Terminators. 

Shooting goes well, the Paragon Warsuits kill all but 4 Intercessors with storm bolters and kill a Redemptor Dread.  The Cannoness in combat kills a Terminator with her inferno pistol. 

Sisters Move 2

Charges go to plan, miracle dice to get Zephyrim in against the Terminators, Morvenn joins them. The Paragon Warsuits charge the remaining Intercessors. 

James uses one of my least favourite strats in the game, Vicious Repost. Because of this and his innate ability to roll 5+ FNP (even he will admit it was insane), my Zephyrim kill 2 terms taking 7 mortals in return. Thankfully I have a 5+ FNP from the updated Valorous Heart conviction and saved 2. Morvenn Vahl then told the Zephyrim to watch and learn, with a prayer to the Emperor she dispatches all bar 2 by fighting twice. As James makes some more ridiculous feel no pains - one Terminator rolled 2 5+ FNP three times in a row taking up 3 of the wounds!! The Warsuits kill the Intercessors with ease. Morvenn then heroically throws herself at the remaining Terminators (using the Faith and Sacrifice stratagem), the Terminators are forced to attack her and only mange 2 wounds (the no reroll miracle really helped against those Lightning Claws too). 

A good turn, I got 5 points on Primary again and 3 on Priority Targets but struggling to put points on the board. I am on 2 and so he's only getting 10vp for Primary next turn. My resources are low but so are James', we will have to see how it works out. 

Turn Three


Ouch, that was a painful turn. Luckily Vicious Riposte managed to knock 5 of the Zephyrim out and I managed to have my Assault Terminator Sergeant left alive. I thought using Tenacious Assault on the Cannoness might help my Terminators if they couldn't get shot, but those Zephyrim and Morvenn Vahl tag team were nasty! 

I advance into the Assault Doctrine. My Redemptor uses Wisdom Of The Ancients for reroll 1’s to hit. The lone Terminator uses his Teleporter Homer and zips back into the Teleportarium. My Chaplain moves into the top left corner - trying to get some distance from his Warsuits and to try and deal with his 5 man Battle Sister unit up there. In the mid board my units shuffle around, the Dreadnought and Lieutenant go forward and the Apothecary falls back onto the objective.

BT Move 3

I start off my shooting phase pouring my Dreadnoughts shots into the battle sisters unit in the mid-board. The Chaplain on Bike fires his bolt rifles into the Battle Sisters and only manages to kill 1. Short and sweet - just how the Templars do it.

Into the Charge Phase, the Redemptor charges into the last Warsuit unit and the Chaplain goes into the Battle Sister squad. My Redemptor swings into the Suits first and rolls three 1s! Luckily thanks to my earlier Wisdom of the Ancients I reroll them into an additional 2 more hits. Unfortunately no 6’s to hit so Grimaldus’ Unmatched Zeal aura is wasted. I do however, get 4 wounds onto the Warsuits. Dan rolls 1 save - which is great because as long as I don't roll a 4 for damage on each roll I should kill all three, as I'm about to roll Dan’s miracle comes in as he uses the Moment of Grace stratagem and passes another save! The Dreadnought rolls his damage and I do manage to kill 2 of the Warsuits. On the other side of the board the Chaplain disappoints and only kills 2 Battle Sisters!

I end this turn another 3 for Priority Targets and 2 for Bring it Down.

BT Fight and Charge 3


Well that didn't go too bad, James teleported his last Terminator away and his Redemptor popped 2 of my Warsuits. Other than that I still have resources. 

Command phase, Morvenn gives her rerolls to the Zephyrim and the Diologus gives them War Hymn and she gives the last Warsuit Catechiscm of Repugnence.


Movement is straight forward; the Zephyrim move up to Grimaldus, Morvenn moves up to the middle to help the lone Warsuit. The 2 sisters move to the nearby objective and do sacred ground.

Shooting goes better than expected; the Warsuit brings down the Redemptor with point blank shooting, this is big as this frees Morvenn and the Warsuit to charge the Lieutenant. Who shoots the Chaplian knocking him down some wounds.

Combat is also very effective, the Zephyrim put an end to Grimaldus' reciting and Morvenn kills the Lieutenant. James has a Chaplian, 5 Intercessors, an Apothecary and a single Assault Terminator in deep strike left. 

A good turn for points 5 on the Primary, 3 on Stranglehold and 3 on Priority. I should get 4 points on Sacred Grounds at the beginning of my next turn too as James doesn't have anything to threaten my unit doing it. I think I am to far behind on the Primary points to win this now but let's try to make this close. 

Sisters 3

Turn four


The Terminators failed their morale last turn so I end up scoring nothing for Oath of Moment last turn as once again Dan has cleared me off the middle.

I’m looking real thin on the ground so a bit of a summary here - my Chaplain on Bike falls back from his Cannoness - Dan strikes first due to defenders' priority and I can’t afford to lose him yet. He also lets my Terminator come back in with his Teleporter Homer who is now 9” away from Dan’s Hospitaller.

No shooting phase this turn - straight into the charge phase, my Assault Terminator Sergeant makes it into the Hospitaller but fails to kill her with another Moment of Grace! I do manage to contest the objective though so there is that!


Well that's annoying! James nicked my backfield objective by contesting it with his Terminator, although thankfully the Hospitaller survived. 

Command phase is short; all the buffs get put on the 5 Zephyrim as they are going after James's Priority Objective.

Movement, the final Warsuit and Diologus consolidate on the central objective. The Diologus performs Sacred Ground on the central objective, this will net me another 4 points and closes up the VP difference even more. Morvenn heads back to help the rear priority objective. The Zephyrim gun it towards the Apothecary. 

Shooting is short; Morvenn kills the Bike Chaplain at range and the Zephyrim chip a wound from the Apothecary.


Combat is also short with the Zephyrim beheading the Apothecary. 

Scored 10 on the Primary, 3 on Stranglehold, 3 on Priority Targets and 4 on Sacred Ground as expected. Looking at the VP differential I think I'm going to miss the target...


Green = Sisters               Blue = Black Templars

Turn five


I get my last 5 primary points thanks to my Assault Intercessors who haven't moved since turn 1! They finally move out with an advance roll and The Emperor's Will stratagem to help them charge later.

I make a last ditch effort to try to get Dan off my home objective to try and deny him Priority Targets but unfortunately my Templars fail their charge even with the Chapter Tactic reroll on the advance and the charge! On the other side of the board my Terminator rolls 2 6’s and auto-wounds the Hospitaller with the Knights of Sigismund rule. Thankfully Dan fails all the saves required and I finally claim my first character kill.

With my turn over I’m sat on 75 VP - I think this is probably enough to secure the win, despite only having 6 models left on the board! I’m also due (Hopefully) 2 points on Oath of Moment (Killing a character and not falling back) to bring my total up to 77. Even with Dan scoring max primary and max secondary points on his Turn 5, I should have created a big enough lead to secure the victory for the Templars.


This is a summary turn. James killed my Hospitaller. Morvenn heads back and charges and kills the Terminator. The Zephyrim remain still and perform Sacred Ground

Sadly, as expected the game ends on 77:72 as James gets 2 Oath of Moment points for not falling back or failing a morale test and killing a character.


Postgame thoughts


I just managed to hold on right to the end! That Terminator Sergeant needs a promotion! The Templars did well - I definitely made a critical error in not tagging the Penitent Engines - I wont soon forget they can fire max flamer shots - that was brutal! There's not much that kills 9 Intercessors in one go with a 4++ and 6+++ but they certainly did.

I think in hindsight Oath of Moment may have been risky, it's always a fantastic secondary going 2nd but going first and trying to stay in the middle was tough this game. Dan kept removing everything I put there before the end of the turn. Stranglehold would have been a better option knowing I was going first. However, that is part of the risk - that roll off for first turn can be so critical for Secondaries! I would probably take it again, my list is designed to be pretty tough and take the mid-board so it falls within that quite well.

This game was definitely one of the only games I've won with 1 unit remaining and it was a real close one. Thanks for the great game Dan and look forward to seeing more of the Sisters!


What a game and I pulled it back a bit towards the end. So I just can't justify the 20 Sisters, they just can't take a hit and loosing them in 1 hit just costs me so much board presence - maybe . I think I will go back to my 4 x 5 set up; its harder to kill, easier to hide and gives me a more spread out board presence. 

I think MVP has to be Morvenn Vahl, when a collapse looked likely she was everywhere holding it together. The Zephyrim and the remaining Paragon unit did really well. I think the Paragons are good but 10-15pts too expensive. 

It was a great game, James played a solid game. Once I tweak the list, I think I can come back and beat the Templars. This was only my second game with the new codex but I have learnt a lot. 

Thanks for reading, may the Emperor guide you.