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Warhammer 40k – Adepta Sororitas vs Tyranids 2000 Points

Army Lists

Adepta Sororitas

Dan's Adepta Sororitas  - 9CP - 2000pts  

Valorous Heart Battalion


Morvenn Vahl - Warlord 

Cannoness - Blessed Blade, Inferno Pistol, Emperors Grace. 


20 Battle Sisters - 4 Artificer Storm Bolters, Simulacrum 

2 x 5 Battle Sisters


2 x 3 Paragon Warsuits - Multi Meltas, Storm Bolters, Paragon Warblades. 

1x3 Paragon Warsuits - Multi Melta, Paragon Warmace

Hospitaller, - Book of St Lucius

Diologus -  Sigil of the Ecclesiasticus

10 Zephyrim - Banner of the Superior, Blessing of Sebastian Thor 


4 Penitent Engines - Ministorum Heavy Flamers, Flails. 


Liam's Nids - 9CP - 2000pts



The Swarmlord [WARLORD - Adaptive Physiology, Onslaught, Paroxysm]

Broodlord [Resonance Barb, Catalyst]


Hormagaunts x10

Hormagaunts x10

Hormagaunts x10

Ripper Swarms 1x4






Scythed Hierodule [Dermic Symbiosis]



Neurothrope [Symbiostorm]


Ripper Swarms 1x3


Hive Guard 1x6 [Impaler Cannons, Enhanced Resistance]

Zoanthropes 1x6 [Psychic Scream]



PRegame Thoughts


Well this is going to be tough on so many levels. Liam has played this Nid army a lot so he knows exactly how to use it. This is my first time playing with updated Sisters book and it is so far from what I am used to playing. 

Liam will have early board presence due to his superior manoeuvrability and if I let him, he will run away on points by scoring full primary and denying mine. I think with the auto deny on 5+ with the Aegis of the Emperor sacred right and the updated Valorous Heart conviction, I should avoid the brunt of his psychic damage. My secondaries were tough to pick so I wasn't sure what to go for, we will have to see how it goes but with my lack of knowledge on the new rules and Liam's experience with his Nids definitely makes me feel like I'm on the back foot going into this. 


Honestly, I have no idea what to expect. I’m using the same Tyranid list I’ve been using for a while now, but the new Sisters book is totally new to me. The new Warsuits look great, if maybe a little overcosted to me. And Morvenn Vahl looks like an absolute beast! Looking at Dan’s list, I think my best choice for my third secondary is Bring it Down. Every Warsuit / Penitent Engine I kill nets me a point, and since they make up the bulk of the list, getting points on it shouldn’t be too hard. 

The mission


GT Pack - 2021

Surround and Destroy

Secondary Choices


  • Sacred Grounds
  • Stranglehold
  • To The Last


  • Engage On All Fronts
  • Bring It Down
  • Retrieve Octarius Data



Turn one


I’m lucky enough to win the roll off for the first turn again! Honestly I must be blessed with crazy luck for this roll, it always feels like I’m winning it. I begin the Movement phase by moving everything up: the Dimachaeron, Scythed Hierodule and Zoanthropes all move to get in range of the Penitent Engines with their respective weapons. Swarmlord also moves up the flank and stays within 6” of the Dimachaeron. I move the Exocrine slightly to get him into view of the Penitent Engines, and spend a CP on Symbiotic Devastation to count him as having not moved. The Hormagaunts on the other side move up towards the mid-board whilst the ones hiding in the building next to them begin to perform ROD.

P1170379 (2)

Into the psychic phase, and it goes flawlessly. I start off with a super smite from the Zoanthropes! Dan fails to deny it and I do 8 mortal wounds to the Penitent Engines, of which Dan only makes a single 5+ shrug, owch! Symbiostorm is cast onto the Exocrine, and both Catalyst and Onslaught go onto the Dimachaeron.

Onto the shooting, and I start with unloading the Exocrine into the Penitent Engines. Thanks to Symbiostorm and rolling a healthy amount of 5s, he wipes the rest of them off the board. I then fire the Hive Guard into the Sisters unit hiding next to the Warsuits, although thanks to some lucky saves from Dan, I have to fire them twice with Single Minded Annihilation to finish them off. To end the phase, I use Hive Commander on the Dimachaeron and spend a CP on Opportunistic Advance to double the advance roll, and he rockets up next to the Warsuits ready to charge.

Onto the Charge and Fight phases, and the Dimachaeron leaps into action. Spending a CP on Voracious Appetite, he manages to wipe the entire unit in a single sweep! I then spend another CP on Overrun, to jump him over the building and onto the objective. At the end of my first turn I’m holding 4 objectives and really pressured Dan into a single corner of the table, and I’m feeling good. Scoring 2 points on Engage on All Fronts, lets see how he responds!



Liam getting turn 1 was brutal! I deployed as much as I could out of line of sight, although the Penitent Engines got destroyed (I made like 2 out of 20 5+ FNP). This was followed by 5 Sisters being killed by the Hive Guard, and the Dimachaeron killing my 3 mace Warsuits. My whole left flank is gone along with 1 of my To The Last. This game is already going away from me.


As Liam intends, he has a huge monster in my battleline I have to deal with. So I do, I manoeuvre my force to stay out of line of sight of as much as I can. Given the range only a couple of my units have secondary targets. 


Shooting, well with everything firing we bring the Dimachaeron down. I've lost so much already and there is a second big monster about to come get me. 

It wasn't an awful turn considering, leaving the big guy on 1 wound so I had to use another Warsuits unit to finish the job was tough. Also the 20 sisters failed hard, which is annoying as on paper they are solid. I get 1 point for Sacred Ground, I get nothing on Stranglehold and I still have 10 for To The Last. Liam is about to get 15 on the primary and he already has 7 of a possible 14 Bring it Down point. It's not looking great.


Turn two



Ok, so losing the Dimachaeron was something I was expecting with the huge amount of anti tank that Dan has in his list! But thanks to some early board presence, I score 15 on the primary this turn and am ready to dish out some more damage. I move the Hierodule up past the building and onto the objective, ready to charge any survivors of the large Sisters blob that may remain. The Zoanthropes I move into the building to gain LoS on the Sisters blob, ready to smite! The Hormagaunts I move even further up, using Metabolic Overdrive to move them twice and begin ROD in Dan’s deployment zone and steal the objective away from him.


The Psychic Phase arrives, and unfortunately it doesn’t go quite as well. Dan rolls a 5 on the deny roll on my Zoanthrope’s smite, and thanks to their new rules, it automatically denies the power! Luckily I left my Catalyst and Symbiostorm casters out of deny range, and they cast their powers respectively onto the Hierodule and the Hive Guard.

The Shooting phase arrives, and I pour all of my possible shots into the Sisters unit. After shooting the Hive Guard twice with Single Minded Annihilation, Dan is left with 5 Sisters remaining - normally he would shrug them off thanks to Valorous Heart reducing the AP of my guns, but luck is just not on Dan’s side… yet! 


The Charge phase arrives and the Hierodule charges into what remains of the Sisters unit. He brings down his mighty Scything Talons into them and leaves a single one remaining, who manages to flee from the battlefield. What a coward! What’s so scary about a giant hideous 50 foot long monster that just devoured all your friends?

End of the turn and I manage to score 3 points on Engage on All Fronts, and have scored 4 on ROD so far. Dan’s turn up next, let’s see what those Warsuits can do!



Another brutal turn but no where near as much as the first turn, I did however loose the 20 Sisters to 2 volleys from the Hive Guard, the flamer from the Scythed Heirodule and then finally being charged by the big monster himself. This was one of my big concerns with 20 Sisters; they are T3, they can be focused down fairly easy and with Liam forcing me behind the cover I can't get them onto an objective for Defenders Of The Faith. I get nothing on the primary either as Liam double moved some little bugs with Metabolic Overdrive to contest my rear objective. It's not looking great, however I never give up. Especially when I had such an amazing time denying Liam's Psychic phase - truly showing the Emperors Protection!

I give Morvenn's reroll buff to the unit of Suits that I want to charge the Zoanthropes, I also put the War Hymn on them for an extra attack but I fail my second one. 

So kicking off my movement I have to go big and be ambitious. The rear unit of Sisters moves to go for the midfield objective, the Hospitaller starts making her way back to the right flank, a unit of Paragon Warsuits pushes up to charge the Zoanthropes. Finally the Cannoness, Morvenn Vahl and the last set of Paragon Warsuits prep to bring death to the big monster and the unit of Gaunts. I don't bring the Zephyrim in yet. I couldn't get them into the Hive Guard and was worried if I just drop them down to fight some Gaunts they'll just die to the Exocrine in Turn 3.


Shooting is very successful! I bring down the big gribbly with the Warsuits using Exceptional Proficiency and the Gaunts. My backfield is now clear. Its going to plan so far!

Charge phase, using some miracle dice, which I manipulate with my Diologus, I charge 11" with the Warsuits, they swing in hard and what happens next is Liam rolls crazy good on his 3+ invuln saves and I kill 1 brain, not ideal but lowers their smite output from D3+3 to 2D3. 

Despite my good turn 2, the game is creeping away from me as I was unable to get onto more than 1 objective with poor advance rolls. I scored nothing this turn. It looks like this will be a white wash as Liam will start his turn 3 with points in the 40s and I have only 1 point.


Turn three



Oh man, those Warsuits are brutal! They just removed my Hierodule like it was nothing! Losing a Zoanthrope was a shame, but their smite still kicks out a respectable 2D3 mortal wounds, so I’m not too worried. I move the Swarmlord up ready to potentially move twice and challenge Morvenn Vahl to a Warlord Showdown! The Zoanthropes move around to gain line of sight to the Warsuits, but everything else stays where it is. The Lictor and Rippers arrive, each in a different corner ready to max Engage this turn, and the Lictor begins ROD in the second half of Dan’s deployment zone. 

The Psychic phase arrives and oh boy… it was just heartbreaking. For every single power I cast, Dan rolls a 5+ and automatically denies the spell! And the only one he did fail on, he spent a CP to automatically deny it on a 4+! This totally changes my plans - The Swarmlord has to stay back and try to deal with these Warsuits in the building, otherwise they’re just going to wreck my backfield.


The shooting phase arrives, and I start by unloading the Hive Guard into those Warsuits up front. But having a 2+ save standard and Valorous Heart reducing the AP of my guns by 1, they only suffer 3 wounds total after the damage reduction! They’re proving to be a lot tankier than I anticipated. The Swarmlord charges into them, and this time I remember to spend the CP on Voracious Appetite. The Swarmlord rolls to hit, and doesn’t fail a single roll! Will this finally be the game that he does something? Seize the opportunity and do what he’s supposed to do?!

Of course not. Dan rolls incredibly high for his saves, and the Swarmlord only manages to kill a single suit. I’d say I’m shocked that he didn’t do as much as I expected, but if you’ve read my other battle reports, you’d know this is a normal occurrence for me!

On the bright side, I only take 4 wounds from them swinging back at me, and thanks to my reserves, I score another 3 points on Engage on All Fronts and am now up to 8 points scored on ROD. Over to Dan!




Well a miracle happened, Liam unleashed psychic hell and I denied all but 1 spell and then saved the mortal wounds that he did! I desperately needed that if I'm going to make a glorious comeback. Also I rolled really well against the Swarmlord so managed to hang on to the objective, 5vp on primary things are looking up.

Command phase; Morvenn gives her reroll buffs to the 3 Suits that moved to the right objective, the Diologus also buffs their Storm Bolters with the Catechism of Repugnance and Invuln with Litany of Enduring Faith. I also activate my Cannoness miracle: The Emperor's Grace to stop reroll of hits, wounds and damage to try protect what's left. 

Movement, 2 of my Warsuits are locked in against Mr Swarmy, the 3 Suits push right getting line of sight on the Brains and the Broodlord. The Diologus spins them and gets working on Sacred Ground. The Zephyrim turn up on the right flank to charge Liam's backfield objective (I should have done this turn 2).


The shooting phase is very successful, I kill the Rippers and I also put the Swarmlord down to 2 wounds using the Valorous Heart strat to ignore the minus to hit then another strat to give them +1 to hit making them hit on 2s in combat. I also dent the brain bugs. 

Combat is also successful! Morvenn charges Swarmy and kills him, the Zephyrim charge and kill the Hormagaunts and take the objective. I'm now wishing I'd done this a turn earlier!

I get Sacred Ground for 4 more and Stranglehold, it's going to be a real tight game but I think Liams denied me too many primary VP's this game. Over to Liam. 


Turn four


Those Warsuits are certainly pulling their weight! And with the Swarmlord gone, I’m worried that Dan is just going to totally dominate the board from here on out. In the Movement phase I use the Hormagaunts to form a “meat shield” against the potential charges against my Hive Guard - I’m gonna need them shooting throughout the whole game! The Broodlord advances up ready to charge some Sisters, and the Zoanthropes move up alongside him. The Neurothrope stays back to cast Symbiostorm on the Exocrine, and I perform ROD with the Hormagaunts that I am using as a shield.


Psychic phase arrives and luckily Dan doesn’t roll as hot on his denies. Catalyst is successful on the Broodlord, but unfortunately he does manage to deny Symbiostorm. Straight onto shooting and I fire both volleys from the Exocrine into the Zephyrim. I also fire the Hive Guard into them just to try and shift him off the objective, and after the dust settles only 2 of them remain. 

The Broodlord charges into the Sisters unit and effortlessly rips them apart! I then spend my only CP on Overrun, to advance him right up into Dan’s deployment zone and onto the objective that his character is holding. I just need to deny Dan as many primary points as possible!



That didn't hurt nearly as much! the miracle stopping Liam from rerolling made him target the Zephyrim instead of the Warsuits. They survived with 2 models and I auto passed their morale with the Insane Bravery stratagem as it was worth the 5vp to me. I also denied a lot of his powers again - that new Sacred Rite is really showing its strength! 

Command phase I buff the 3 Suits again with Morvenn and I buff their Storm Bolters and invulnerable save again with the Diologus.

Not a lot of movement this turn, Morvenn comes out looking at the Gaunts and getting line of sight on all the brains. The Zephyrim tuck in and do Sacred Ground netting me another 4VP. 


Shooting goes very well; I kill all the brains and the big brain (Neurothrope), that's the last of his synapse creatures and psychic powers. 

Morvenn Vahl is the only charge and she easily dispatches 10 Gaunts with her Sweeping Blow, she is now in the open but she is all good as Liam's running out of assets. 

I get 10 on primary, 4 on Sacred Ground and 3 on Stranglehold. Looking at what I can score in the final turn, I don't think I'm going to make it but it's going to be very close!


Turn five


At this point, I have no Synapse creatures left on the battlefield (which may be the First Time this has happened in a long time!). My poor bugs are caught in the open with no leaders to guide them! I move my Exocrine up a bit to gain sight into some Warsuits and use my only CP on Symbiotic Devastation to count as having not moved. 


I open fire into them and manage to kill a single Warsuit despite being -1 to hit from Instinctive Behaviour. This is all I wanted - an extra point on Bring it Down. And there was no point shooting the Zephyrim - Dan scores his primaries at the end of his next turn, so he was going to max it anyway. 

Luckily, my Lictor is performing his job admirably, and scores me 2 more points on Engage on all Fronts. Forget the Swarmlord, this guy should be my warlord!



Well I totally forgot about the lictor in the bottom corner happily netting Liam max on primary. He's a sneaky bug! We did the math there is no way back in so now I play for pride and killing bugs…. Which I do.

Between shooting and combat I kill everything remaining bar the lictor (he was camouflaged and they couldn't see it). 


Post Game thoughts


My early game is definitely what won this for me - I luckily managed to gain so many points in the first 2 turns that it just made it impossible for Dan to catch up in time. But looking at Dan’s list and having experienced it first hand… remember what I said about thinking those Warsuits were overcosted? Nah, they’re amazing! Those guys alone brought Dan back from what would’ve been an absolute stomp, to a nailbiter that resulted in me almost getting tabled! All I had left was the Lictor!

And shout out to Morvenn Vahl… man she is nuts. I can’t imagine a Sisters army where you wouldn’t take her, she’s just so good! Overall a brilliant game, and I look forward to the next one!


Well that was tough I always forget how quick Nids move. Liam's list is a great army and one he plays really well. 

MVP for me was the Warsuits, sure I lost 3 straight out the gates but the other 6 dragged me across the finish line with a decent score. I learnt a lot from that game, hopefully I will come back with some more new units soon and tweak the list to be a bit more punchy. 

Thanks to Liam it was another great game. Now back to the cathedral to prey for the Emperor's guidance (Maybe forgiveness too!) The foul Xenos need to be cleansed. 

Until next time, thanks for reading. 

Final Scores