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Warhammer – 40k Necrons vs Deathwatch 2000 Points


James' Necrons - 1995 pts - 10CP

Battalion - Mephrit Dynasty

Catacombe Command Barge w/ Resurrection Orb and Warscythe (Relic Voidreaper) (Warlord - Warlord Trait Enduring Will)

Chronomancer - Entropic Lance

Techonmancer w/ Canoptek Control Node and Fail-Safe Overcharger

Illuminor Szeras

Royal Warden (Extra Relic - Veil of Darkness)

20x Necron Warriors (Gauss Flayers)

20x Necron Warriors (Gauss Flayers)

20x Necron Warriors (Gauss Reapers)

Canoptek Reanimator

2x Cryptothralls

Hexmark Destroyer (Extra Relic - Conflaguration Gauntlet)

8x Canoptek Scarab Swarms

Canoptek Doomstalker

Canoptek Doomstalker

Joe's Deathwatch - 1968 pts - 9CP


Captain on Bike -- Dominus Aegis, Exemplar of his Chapter: Ultramarines

Primaris Chaplain on Bike (Master of Sanctity, Wise Orator and The Beacon Angelis)

Jump Pack Librarian w/ Premorphic Resonance & Fortified by Contempt

Fortis Killteam -- x5 Intercessors, x5 Hellblasters, Malleus

Fortis Killteam -- x6 Intercessors, x4 Outriders

Indomitor Killteam -- x5 Heavy Intercessors, x3 aggressors, x2 Plasma Inceptors

Apothecary (Chief Apothecary, Selfless Healer)

2 Company Veterans -- SS/CS

4 Servitors

10 Vanguard Veterans -- 8x LC/SS, 1x Heavy Thunder Hammer, 1x CS/SS

Relic Contemptor Dreadnought w/ Twin Volkite



Grand Tournament 2020 

Mission 11 - Retrieval Mission


James (Necrons)

Joe (Deathwatch)

Grind Them Down

Raise the Banners High

Engage on All Fronts

Whilst We Stand, We Fight

Raise the Banners


Necron Won Deployment

Necron Deployed First

Necron First Turn

Pregame Thoughts


Secondaries were an interesting one, I definitely wanted to go 2nd here. Banners and Engage were obvious 1 and 2 choices. Grind Them Down was a bit of a rough 3rd choice, but going second would allow me to pick off units/characters in response. In this match-up I felt like I definitely wanted to respond to the DW's plays and also - my list is literally a list that wants to grind you down. I was tempted by Code of Combat, but with only one Noble - its always a risky strat. Assassinate too was tempting but Marine characters are notoriously difficult to pin down. I'm feeling confident but I know how the DW list works and that Gravis blob is always a pain.

I’m also a bit nervous about Gauss Flayers - I’ve heard they're supposed to be good with Mephrit because of the -1ap at 13.5” but I’ve generally gone heavy on Gauss Reapers when I run Warriors.


I’ve been running this list for a little while now, and whilst it’s certainly different to the kind of thing I might normally run, it’s been slowly growing on me. While We Stand, We Fight is a secondary I pick every game as it comes down to the three kill-teams and I can reliably score 10 if not 15 points on it. Looking at James’ list he was heavy on characters that were mostly only protected by the massive Warrior blobs, if I didn’t chew through them I probably was going to lose anyway, so Assassinate seemed like a good pick. And finally, with 3 objectives within 4’’ of my deployment zone and James’ negligible deep strike capability, Raise the Banners seemed like a good pick. If something went disastrously wrong, I could sit back towards my deployment zone and farm out 30 secondary.



So having really wanted 2nd, I'm going first. Starting my command phase, Protocol of the Sudden Storm is in play with Directive One (+1” move) the Chronmancer puts the Chronometron on the left-most unit of warriors (I'm going to yeet these up the board with Veil later) I messed up with the Reanimator who isn't quite in range of this unit and his Nanoscarab Reanimation Beam goes on the middle unit. I move slightly up the board with most of the army, planting banners at the three objectives on my side. Szeras' Mechanical Augmentation goes up the rightmost unit of Warriors with +1 Toughness (exactly what I wanted) and the leftmost unit goes right up into the board with the Royal Warden.

A very limited shooting phase as pretty much the whole of the DW are out of line of sight, bar from the veiled unit, I pop the Talent for Annhilation strat for 1CP on the Warriors who fire of 40 S5 -2 AP and manage to down 4 Vanguard Vets… Some absolutely crazy saves here. My Warden got 4 wounds through and Joe saved every single one.

Realising that to even try and get my first 3 points in Grind Them Down (knowing that Joe will probably obliterate this unit in his turn anyway) I had to max a charge. I roll a 9 and get in. I pop the Disruption Field strat for another 1CP to add another strength and manage to knock down the last Vanguard Vet of the squad. My Warriors are now sat on the objective - they’ll probably die but at least it prevents a banner for turn 2 and grabs me 2 points for Engage.


Under normal circumstances, I would have been a bit more worried about going second into a Mephrit Necron list… However, thanks to the terrain and deployment map, it was relatively easy to hide my army from any turn one shooting. James could have moved his doom-stalkers to get some shots into my Indomitor killteam, but decided against it, marching up the board. His flung forward unit of Warriors was unexpected, but if there's one thing my list has, it’s a heinous number of shots to clear something like that. Below is the image I had going into my first turn, pushed back off one of my home objectives. Fortunately, I could divert my force to remove that warrior blob, without opening it up to James’ shooting from across the board. Needing to begin planting Banners, my servitors push up on the other flank (keeping 3 models behind the wall hoping to keep them alive) and plant one. In the backfield, my company veterans plant another and then we get to the task of blowing apart the warriors.

My Librarian gets both of his powers off and the Indomitor killteam is given a 5+++ and super objective secured. With the combined firepower of the Indomitor kill-team and a charge from the five remaining vanguard vets into the Royal warden, we pick up two units and a tick of Assassinate, with two Banners planted and the ball is back in James’ court to make a play. In hindsight if I was in James’ position I would have veiled one of the other squads of warriors, with these removed and pushed up on this flank, it left him with precious little to contest my counter-push.

Turn One

Turn Two


Joe’s turn 1 goes about as expected, he moves up cautiously, plants two Banners and sends my Warriors and Royal Warden back to the Tomb World.

Protocol of the Vengeful Stars is in play - As I'm Mephrit my army's getting both parts of the Protocol - everything is in range to benefit too. Command phase is almost identical to turn 1, The middle unit gets My Will Be Done, the other unit gets the Nanoscarab Reanimation Beam. I'm expecting a big play from Joe this turn, knowing that if he can tie me up he’ll keep me in my deployment and stop my Engage and Banners scoring. Szeras also gives the 2nd unit a Mechanical Augmentation of +1 Toughness.

I once again cautiously move up, I shove the Scarabs up with the Chronometron buff to get in the way and generally be annoying. I reckon with 8 of them and a 5++ they may survive and get a few reanimations, if not they got me my 2 Engage points. Other than that, I fire a few shots here and there, my Warriors shoot into his Servitors that have come out and even with a few ap -2 shots from Vengeful stars some more crazy saving from Joe only downs two of them.

I drop my Hexmark Destroyer down in his turn with the Aetheric Interception strat to try and blunt some of his Hellblasters but only manage to get one down. This was a mistake, I should have held him until my turn 3 to drop him in behind the Servitors and eliminate the Banner up that side of the board. It would have also netted me another 2 points for Engage.


Let me tell you, if there is anything I hate in this world… It’s Scarabs. In earlier games of 9th when I didn’t quite have the anti-horde ability, they often won games single-handedly by doing nothing other than sitting there and getting in the way… That wasn’t to be this time however. As you can see below, the majority of my force pushed up into the ruin, threatening the flank that was now devoid of much defence. On the far side, I was still staring down the barrel of 40 warriors but it was a bit of a make-or-break turn for me so the Outrider killteam became White Scars using Brotherhood of Veterans and raced forward. In the middle of the board, the third killteam arrived from deepstrike and was ready to threaten the furthest forward Doomstalker.

Psychic phase went well for me again, although I did have to reroll to get Premorphic Resonance off, which I felt was going to be important for the +1 to hit to counter the power-fists on my aggressors. Into the shooting phase, and this is where it could have swung against me. I needed to threaten the Warrior blob, but the Scarabs needed to be removed first. Luckily, James’ rolling was… not great, and the Indomitor killteam and shots from some characters and stray Intercessors put an end to their plan to threaten the Banner for another turn. The Hellblaster team did their job and blew away one of the Doomstalkers with relative ease thanks to rerolling to wound.

Photo 15-05-2021, 12 21 18

Charge time, and I got lucky and managed to get in on both squads of Warriors, the bikes taking a few wounds in overwatch but we’re already starting to see that the s4 flayers really just don’t cut it against bikes or Gravis. My plan here was to tap both units of Warriors and stop them from shooting next turn… Unfortunately I forgot about Necron Protocols meaning in t3 they would all fall back and shoot me anyway. This wasn’t the end of the world though, as I did manage to scrape away a fair numbers of Warriors with the mix of Chainswords and just raw fisticuffs.

Turn THree


Turn 3, ouch! I lost all my Scarabs, my Crypthralls, half of a unit of Warriors and a Doomstalker. Joe tied up all my Warriors and as you can see, really hemmed me into my deployment zone. He just about managed to get in range with his Hellblasters and he downs a Doomstalker. I send the Command Barge out past the midway line to Engage on All Fronts and also to try and threaten his Intercessors. I'm hoping that with a Quantum Deflection, my Command Barge will be able to tank a lot of stuff and hold him up until turn four. Also I won't have another opportunity to threaten that While We Stand We Fight point. 

I’ve lost a Banner, but I'm still holding two objectives so I’m  not entirely on the ropes yet.

Reanimator and Chronmancer put their buffs onto a unit of Warriors each and I also use the Resurrection Orb here to get five Warriors back - I don't think I’ll get another good chance to use it with how I'm being pushed into my deployment. And with D3 returned Warriors from Rites of Reanimation my Warrior squad's back to full. I'm quietly confident I may be able to really push back this turn. 

Luckily, I am in Protocol of the Conquering Tyrant - I go into Directive 2 and everything falls back. This is it, if I can do enough damage to his kill teams this turn I may stand a chance of pulling this back. If I don't, that Gravis team will walk through my army. Having played Joe’s list a lot, I also know that if you don't get rid of the Kill Teams in one, that Apothecary becomes exceedingly more frustrating bringing back a T5 3 or 4 wound model back every turn.

The shooting phase does not go badly… but it doesn’t really go well either. My Doomstalker whiffs massively and does nothing. (Meaning neither Doomstalker did anything the whole game - Further cementing my belief that these aren't that great a unit with High Terrain boards.)

The warriors combined fire, managed to down all the Hellblasters and killed a bike, Szeras helped kill a 2nd. I’m really starting to see the down-side of Flayers. The S4 just doesn't cut it against an army like Joe’s. The Hexmark doesn't do an awful lot, again I'm regretting deep striking him in my lines.

My Catacomb Command Barge is the only charge this turn, ready to put some pressure on his back line and he does… nothing… That aura of 5++ and 6+++ is incredibly frustrating. He takes a couple back in return but I'm not that worried - he’s a bit of a tank.

Photo 15-05-2021, 12 57 13


Things are looking up for me at this point. I was a little concerned with his ability to fall back and shoot, and my bikes being out of range of the 5++ aura that I might be in for some hurt… Unfortunately James’ rolling wasn’t great and I managed to get away with losing very little. At this point, we’re both pretty sure that it’s a forgone conclusion who is going to be the victor. I’m left to clean up the warriors who fell back to shoot me, which takes some doing but once again my list has the legs to do that, not quite wiping them out yet, but meaning that it’s the job for turn four.

In the backfield I have a Command Barge to deal with… Fortunately I rolled a 3 damage smite and then finished him off with a melta grenade from the remaining Vanguard Veterans. This was mostly a turn of me cleaning up, moving some troops around to get back into aura range. Apothecary brought back another Outrider meaning that despite the Outrider killteam being reduced to 1 model at one point, it ended the game with 3 bikes remaining.



Well, turns out the Melta Bomb stratagem and a smite are all that you need to kill a Catacomb Command Barge with 4++, -1 damage and can only be wounded on a 4+. I know the games over by this point, I’ve lost ⅔’s of my Warriors and my 2nd Doomstalker. To make matters worse, the Bike kill team is now back to 4 models and I’ve run out of units to deal with them. Left only the massive Gravis bomb tearing my deployment up.

I fall back with the warriors, but with no Protocols I can’t fall back and shoot this turn. The best I can hope for is maybe an overwatch.

My Crypteks and Illuminor try to at least dent the bikes but with Joe’s good saving throws and my poor rolls to hit I don't do any damage. At this point Szeras does a heroic charge into the bikes but fails to do any damage and takes 5 in return.


By this point it was mostly a game of cleanup. Remove the rest of the Warriors that were still lingering around, move around to deploy Banners on as many objectives as I could. I was a little worried about the charged from Szeras that could strip me of five WWSWF points, but again James whiffed his roles and did nothing… Then somehow took 5 wounds in return for his trouble.

Turn five


At the end of Joe’s turn four I'm left with a Technomancer who valiantly blasts a few Gravis marines (achieves nothing) charges in (achieves nothing) and gets cut down. A very short turn and that pretty much ends the game.


With James tabled, it was now just a case of grabbing any end of game points I could. I ran around and dropped Banners on as much as I could reach and then we called it.

End of Game thoughts


It was nice to try something different from my usual Novokh lists, but overall the list really struggled. I think I need maybe 1-2 more units of Warriors with Gauss Reapers and some more Scarabs to help support the army. The Doomstalkers once again performed poorly, I haven't had a good game out of them, the more I use them the more they really struggle with the variable roles.

I made a few mistakes, the Hexmark and Command barge being the two main ones, had I kept the Command Barge back and deep strike the Hexmark in the back lines, I wouldn't have had to throw my WL away for 2 Engage points and he would’ve helped to try and push the Gravis and Outrider Kill teams back.

Flayers really struggle vs Reapers, I know it's quite a contentious debate between the Necron community but that S5 makes an enormous difference in reality.

I really missed having a dedicated melee unit, something to throw up against one his big T5 units either Lychguard or Skorpekhs I feel would have been great in this match up.

Finally - Grind Them Down - Such a bad secondary choice, I had a feeling it might be but not scoring anything on it… at the very least I could have got a few points early on. 


Well, this turned out to be a bit of a stomp that I didn’t fully expect. I’ve been running this Deathwatch list for about ten or so games now against highly competitive armies, and averaging about a 20% winrate… So I wasn’t exactly expecting for it to do well. But it turns out when the other list lacks s5 shooting, the Gravis and bike killteams really do put in work… Overall, I still think marines are in a pretty rough spot, having to rely on clutch units like Vanguard or Inceptors. Playing as Deathwatch mitigates that somewhat, and I do intend on running them once tournaments start up again!

Final scores

End of Game Sheet

Credit to ITC Battle Apps