Toys of mass destruction

Looking for exciting battle reports and articles weekly? Join us, a fun group of Warhammer gamers and painters, for battles, paint schemes and first hand hobby info!

Who are Toys of Mass Destruction?

A gaming group who all share a love for Warhammer and all things model related. Toys of Mass Destruction have been around since 2017. All four of us love the hobby and want to share that passion with the wider community. We're quite competitive focused most of the time, attending tournaments regularly and pushing our army builds to the max. But often we'll run one of our favourite armies with some really cool units and have a great time anyway.

Our Members


Hi guys! I'm Liam and I'm one of the members of Toys of Mass Destruction. I've been building, painting and playing Warhammer for over 11 years now, with my main focus being on 40k. 

I have a few armies across 40k and Age of Sigmar including World Eaters, Slaves to Darkness and Genestealer Cults, but my favourite faction has got to be the Tyranids; they were my first army and they're still going strong! I remember first taking an interest in Warhammer back when I was in secondary school, with my initial interest being in the Necrons. However, I played in the Dawn of War 2 beta when it first went live, and as soon as I was introduced to the Tyranids, I never looked back!

Most of my armies seem to have a recurring theme: they all love to get stuck in glorious melee combat with the enemy! And the faster they do it, the better!

I love all aspects of the hobby, but by far the best thing about it is the tournament scene. I love meeting new people, seeing all the amazing armies on display and, most of all, playing some awesome games and having a great time!


Hi all, Dan here the old boy of the team. I started Warhammer, like so many, when I started secondary school (some 22 years ago). All my nerdy friends played at lunch, I was instantly hooked. That Xmas I got my first box, it was Warhammer 40k Epic, my parents didn't know the difference, but those little guys got painted (poorly) as Imperial Fists. This was followed by the starter box with Black Templars and Dark Eldar, being 13 I painted the marines all silver as doom eagles (because silver was cool). 

Fast forward a few years and I have a huge Space Wolves force and a growing Sisters of Battle force, then out of nowhere GW released a new faction "The Tau". I think I have owned and played most 40k factions over my years but Sisters of Battle and Tau have always had a special place for me in the 40k universe. 

I was also a very enthusiastic Warhammer fantasy player, I have attended many a tournament alongside my now wife. High Elves are without doubt my favourite faction, but again I have owned and played most. Now I play Age of Sigmar. I definitely prefer the swirl of melee, swords and shields are where its at (unless it's Tau of course). I always have at least 4 projects on the go. My favourite part of the hobby is actually building and converting followed by playing. I love painting but I'm all about the single models, love focusing down on the details. I struggle to finish whole armies, that is until 2 days before a tournament and I still have half an army to go."

James "The Last Templar":

Hi guys, I've been Warhammering off and on for the last two decades. Up until 7th Edition 40k I was only playing Warhammer Fantasy, with the shift into Age of Sigmar I add an Eldar and Ad Mech army to my collection and now, several years later I've got triple the amount of 40k armies than Sigmar ones!

I would say my favourite army are my Black Templars and that's what most people know me for. I played them throughout the whole 2019 ITC season (and the short few months of the 2020 one). I also have a plethora of other armies including Craftworlds, Ad Mech, Knights, Thousand Sons, Chaos Marines, Necrons and Sisters

I love the game, nothing gets me more relaxed and chilled out after a long week at work then playing some Warhammer. I try get a bit of painting and building done during the week but its the gaming I really enjoy the most.

Which goes to say, this last year with no tournaments has been a struggle! But with a new Necron army ready to go I'm excited to get back into the swing of it.


Hi! It’s my honour to be the resident Imperium fanboy and (relatively) newest person to take up the glorious game that is Warhammer 40,000. I started playing about… Six? Years ago at university during my down-time. Of course like a lot of us I briefly dabbled in it when I was a wee-babe, but that never amounted to much more than some goblin spearmen sitting in a cupboard for fifteen years. 

I got back into 40k right on the advent of 8th edition, playing precisely three games of 7th edition and still having no idea what I was doing. Since then, I’ve wracked up probably 20-30 tournaments and a couple of decent finishes in those. As I mentioned, I am something of an Imperial fanboy, owning no less than five of their armies in the form of; Deathwatch, Imperial Fists, Adeptus Custodes, Astra Militarum, Grey Knights… And then a force of Death-Guard we will not be talking about.

My truest love is, and always will be the boys in black, the Deathwatch. As a player who is just as interested in the narrative as they are the tabletop I have always loved the idea of taking the special forces elements of marines and dialing it up to 10. Alongside that my love of all things yellow led me to the Imperial Fists… Some people might argue is it not a bit pointless to have more than one faction of marines… To those people I would argue, is it not a bit pointless to have more than one pair of shoes, and yet here we are!